Student Government: Boca House members want to give out pizza during finals week

Close to $700 will be spent on pizza if a new bill passes.


Photo courtesy of Student Government

Benjamin Paley and Nate Nkumbu

The Boca Raton House of Representatives is considering purchasing pizza to hand out to students studying in the Wimberly Library during finals.


If passed, a bill written by House Rep. Onur Basman and sponsored by House Speaker Marianne Alex would allocate $669.55 from the House Contingency Fund for the purchase. The fund consists of money set aside for possible future expenses.


The bill was presented to the House during its Feb. 23 meeting. If the House votes to pass the legislation, Student Government members will hand out pizza in the Boca campus library on April 26.


In the 2016-2017 school year pizza was given out to students in the library and the event was a success for Student Government,” the bill states. “Through supporting the previously mentioned endeavors the Boca Raton House of Representatives would have the opportunity discuss the impact of Student Government on the university to the students.”


Alex has sent the bill to the Ways and Means Committee as well as the Campus Action Committee for review. She also requested that the House obtain a “memorandum of understanding” from the library staff, confirming they have given the thumbs up for this event.


The next House meeting will be held tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. in the Student Union House Chambers.


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