Program Board hosts spring comedy show

Four comedians were scheduled to perform, but only three took the stage.


Ahmed Bharoocha, who’s appeared on Comedy Central, closed out the event held in the Student Union auditorium. Violet Castano | Staff Photographer

Mackenzie Guiry, Contributing Writer

Students gathered in the Student Union auditorium last Friday to attend “One Night Stand,” a comedy show hosted by Program Board.


The show was headlined by comedians Arvin Mitchell, Andy Erickson, and Ahmed Bharoocha. Comedian Taylor Tomlinson, who was supposed to perform, had to back out last minute due to illness.


Los Angeles comic Mitchell opened, describing situations that have made him laugh.

Arvin Mitchell opened the show, which saw 134 students in attendance. Violet Castano | Staff Photographer


“I saw a man get hit by a car and he was still on the phone, I laughed, it wasn’t right but I laughed. He was in the middle of the intersection when that car came down the street,” Mitchell said. “I hope that Obamacare kicks in.”


“Last Comic Standing” finalist Erickson kicked off her set by asking the audience if they like cats.

Andy Erickson, a self-proclaimed “weirdo,” has appeared on “Last Comic Standing.” Violet Castano | Staff Photographer


“I went to the bathroom today, and there was a wooden shoe in the toilet and I was like, ‘Oh no, my toilet is clogged,’” Erickson joked.  


Wrapping up the show, Comedy Central comedian Bharoocha’s set covered topics ranging from his newborn son to religion to crows.

Ahmed Bharoocha performed at the end of the night. Violet Castano | Staff Photographer

“Recently outside my house I had a bunch of crows 20 or 30 all in one tree. Crows cawing non-stop for like two days straight,” Bharoocha said.


“Day and night non-stop all 20 crows, so finally I called animal control and was like, ‘Hey what the hell is going on with these crows’ and they said it was baby crow season [so] they were cawing at the baby crows until they learn how to fly and that can last up to five days,” Bharoocha added.


“And I was like what, that’s the crow flight training program? That’s how you teach the gift of flight, just FLY FLY FLY FLY,” Bharoocha joked.

Freshman Daniel Guzy said he’s a fan of stand up, so when he saw the posters advertising the show, he “was pretty excited.”

He added that comedy shows can help students “enjoy the college experience, bond with friends, and help them feel more positive about FAU overall.”

Other students attended as a way to relieve stress.


“I came here to relax after midterms,” freshman Vanessa Szabolcsi said.


The event saw 134 students attend, according to Richard Mahler, Student Activities and Involvement assistant director.


Mackenzie Guiry is a contributing writer with the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected].