90s themed fashion show hosted by two student organizations

Around 50 people attended the event.


Student models pose in their outfits inspired by various themes of the 90s including: street wear, men of the 90’s, hip-hop culture, and the television show “All That.” Violet Castano | Staff Photographer

Rachel Gavilan, Contributing Writer

Oversized T-shirts and combat boots were on display last week as students celebrated 90s fashion.


The FAU National Council of Negro Women chapter President Anjalonette Wright and Ezekiel Shaw hosted the event March 19 in the Student Union Grand Palm Room. The show was a collaboration between NCNW and FAU Fashion Forward.

Ezekiel Shaw (left) and FAU National Council of Negro Women President Anjalonette Wright (right) hosted the show. Violet Castano | Staff Photographer

The student models dressed in looks that were undeniably 90s, but still wearable today. Clear trends were boyfriend jeans, gold hoop earrings, sporty bralettes, bomber jackets, and velvet accessories. Wright wore a matching plaid skirt and top with a beret, worthy of Cher from “Clueless.”  


The models walked while classic 90s music videos like “Mo Money Mo Problems” by The Notorious B.I.G. and “Whatta Man” by Salt ‘N’ Pepa played in the background.


Shaw and Wright kept things light by joking around with the audience. They asked the crowd of around 50 people to join in on Twitter under the hashtag #slyat, which stands for “strut like you’re all that.”

Around 50 students attended the event held in the Student Union Grand Palm Room. Violet Castano | Staff Photographer


They then asked the audience to shout out their opinions on high waist vs. two-piece swimsuits and who the hottest men of the 90s were. After that, the two asked for volunteers to play a “finish the lyrics” game, but the whole audience ended up participating when the DJ played “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”  


Afterwards, Wright said she was pleased about the turnout of the event.


“As my first time being president, I am so excited!” Wright said. “This is the first event I’ve put on where a lot of FAU came out.”


Shaw said the night was a success as well.


“[It was] amazing!” Shaw said. “It was a really cool showcase of 90s fashion.”


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