Student Government: House of Representatives vote to support Greek life

The bill follows a suspension of FAU Greek chapter events involving alcohol last year.

Photo courtesy of Student Government

Photo courtesy of Student Government

Benjamin Paley and Nate Nkumbu

In the wake of universities across the nation suspending Greek life, the Boca House of Representatives chose to support the FAU Greek community Friday.

The House unanimously voted (32-0) to pass the bill, “House of Representatives Stands with our Greek Life Community.” The legislation states that “Greek Life here at Florida Atlantic University has been a shining example of what a Greek community should be.”

Written by House Representative and Pi Kappa Alpha Vice President Kevin Buchanan, the bill was co-sponsored by Speaker of the House Marianne Alex.

Following allegations of hazing and binge drinking, universities like Ohio State, Florida State, and Texas State all suspended Greek life last year until further notice.

FAU’s Greek community suspended all chapter events involving alcohol in December 2017, with the promise to revisit the decision at the end of January. It also banned alcohol from any parties/socials, will require any events to have a third-party vendor, and may consider limiting the number of “wet” events each month.

The next Boca House meeting will be held Friday at 3:30 p.m. in the Student Union House Chambers.

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