Student Government: House considers funding conference for Freshman Class Council

The conference brings together Student Government members from across the country.

Photo courtesy of Student Government

Photo courtesy of Student Government

Benjamin Paley, Distribution Manager

The Boca House of Representatives met last Friday to hear out the Freshman Class Council.

The organization requested funding from the House to cover the cost of attending the American Student Government Association conference in March.

The bill states that “The conference will provide training to help improve us as student government leaders . . . and allows us to make contributions to the Florida Atlantic University House of Representatives.”

The council, created by Boca Governor Der’Resha Bastien, looks to interact with FAU student organizations and acts as a pathway for students to join Student Government.

Taking place March 23-25, the conference will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In total, the council is requesting half of the conference’s cost, $5,000, from the House. The remaining $5,341.03 will be paid for by Boca Governor Bastien.

The bill was written by House members VerShona Dean, Jada Bennett, Anthony Curry, Jennifer Jeanty, Nayelli Diaz, and Ashley Walker and co-sponsored by House members Chad Mckendrick II and Jabari May.

The bill is headed to the Ways and Means Committee, which oversees legislation and reports to the House. It will be voted on at the next meeting tomorrow at 3:30 p.m in the Student Union House Chambers.

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