New campus chapter discusses feminism, sexual assault

The club is part of the largest national organization of feminist grassroots activists.


On Thursday evening, a new club organization, FAU NOW, held signs that read “End Voter Suppression,” “Respect Women of Color,” etc. The club held their first general body meeting to educate and inform women on the feminist movement and recent topics about women circulating across the nation. Alexander Rodriguez | News Editor

Alexander Rodriguez, News Editor

Editor’s note | Feb. 7, 2018: A previous version of this story stated that FAU’s National Organization of Women chapter was a “women-only student organization.” This was incorrect, and the story has been updated to reflect that the club is open to any gender. 


new feminist student organization held their first general body meeting last week.


The National Organization of Women chapter meeting, held Feb. 1, aimed to educate women about feminist grassroots movements as well as women’s rights.


Club President Tiffany Walter said, “It’s an all-inclusive group for any gender.”


The meeting started with an introduction of the chapter and its board members. Following this, students popped balloons labeled with “mean comments” they’ve received.


Several comments included — “you’re uneducated because you bagged groceries incorrectly,” “you’re never going to be successful,” and “you have no knowledge since you are a young adult female at a internship.”


Club adviser and associate professor of art history Karen J. Leader said, “It’s a crucial moment for all people to come together.”


The club then moved into a debate about the recent sexual assault allegations brought against comedian Aziz Ansari.


A group of 10 students split in half, with one side agreeing with the alleged victim and the other half defending Ansari.


One side of the debate argued the woman could’ve left the uncomfortable situation, while the other side argued Ansari pressured her into sex.


“It’s time for some men to get justice,” film major Ebony Grandison said. “We as women should all come together.”


The organization meets weekly on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. in the Student Union Majestic Palm Room.


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