Boca mayor visits campus, talks Student Government mental health initiative

Susan Haynie discussed the organization’s December bill.


Boca Mayor Susan Haynie speaks to Student Government members in the Boca campus House Chambers. Alexander Rodriguez | News Editor

Alexander Rodriguez, News Editor

Susan Haynie visited FAU yesterday to discuss a recent Student Government bill recognizing mental health.

The legislation set aside Jan. 12 as Mental Health Awareness Day.

“That’s what we are all about, intervention on a early stage and really assisting people,” the Boca mayor told Student Government members in the Student Union House Chambers.

SG’s bill was tied to Florida House Bill 8029 saying the state will recognize and support mental health awareness from Feb. 3-10. It states that 43.6 million Americans, 18 years and older, have experienced mental illness in some form.

The bill was sponsored in Florida’s Congress by SG, according to a Twitter message.

Boca mayor Susan Haynie stands with student body President Emily Lawless (right), SG Governmental Relations Director Jon Carter (left), SG Court Chief Justice Isaiah Moriarity (middle), and Student Government members. Alexander Rodriguez | News Editor

Ahead of the bill’s passing, SG hosted “Stress Less Week” from Nov. 18-25 last year. One event had students write encouraging letters to other students on campus.

“If a student received a note they were encouraged to keep the good deed going,” SG said via Twitter.

Yet for its Mental Health Awareness Day in January, no events were held by SG, Owls Care Health Promotion, or FAU Counseling and Psychological Services.

Haynie then discussed other mental health surveys and thanked Student Government for prioritizing the issue with their bill.

She said, “This is an important issue for the United States, as well for our city.” 

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