Florida governor candidate visits FAU, talks tuition-free college

Chris King discussed his plans for the state at the Boca campus.


Florida governor candidate Chris King spoke to students at the Boca campus Friday. Pierce Herrmann | Contributing Writer

Mackenzie Guiry, Contributing Writer

Environmental reform and affordable housing are just a few of Chris King’s goals if he’s elected as Florida governor.

Presented by the FAU College Democrats, King spoke to students Friday as part of his campaign tour of South Florida.

King, a democrat, discussed his three big goals: increase environmental protections, expand affordable housing, and make community college and vocational schools tuition-free.

The candidate said that the sugarcane industry has long blocked environmental progress in Florida. Animal waste, sewage, and fertilizer from sugarcane farms pollute the Everglades in the form of runoff every year, according to the Sun Sentinel.

“As a democratic governor what I have said is, I’m not going to vilify that industry,” King said. “I’m going to be fair and have the best interests for all of Florida and the Florida environment at hand.”

To a crowd of 15 in the Palmetto Palm Room, he added that he wants to restore the voting rights of Florida’s 1.6 million non-violent felons.

Chris King talks voting rights in the Student Union Palmetto Palm Room. Pierce Herrmann | Contributing Writer

“We say that we want people to have second chances, but do we really mean that?” he asked.

“This is where a democratic governor can make real progress,” King said. “It’s a problem when states like Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana are doing more innovative things than Florida.”

Senior Elizabeth Siwica said of King, “I agree with a lot of his policies, on paper yes he looks great.” 

King said of his campaign: “If the stars were ever aligned to make this a successful election, if we can’t win in this environment I’m not sure that we will ever win in Florida.”

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