Second suspect gets 19 years for role in 2015 UPark shooting

Rodrick Woods was charged with second-degree murder, armed burglary and armed robbery.

Photo courtesy of Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office.

Photo courtesy of Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Ryan Lynch, Business Manager

Roderick Woods was sentenced to 19 years in prison for his connection to the 2015 shooting in University Park apartments that killed sophomore Nicholas Acosta.

Woods recently pled guilty to the charges of second-degree murder, armed burglary, and armed robbery in July, according to the Sun Sentinel. On Dec. 29, Acosta was shot in his girlfriend’s apartment in an failed attempt to steal marijuana from him.

Woods is the second suspect to be arrested for the 2015 slaying. He was caught after investigators identified a distinctive tattoo on his arm and found his phone records put him at the scene at the time of the crime.

Donovan Henry, a former FAU soccer player, was sentenced to 35 years for second-degree murder, armed robbery, and armed burglary a last year for his role in planning the theft. Alexander Gillis, who fired the deadly shot, was sentenced to 48 years in September.

Adonis Gillis was supposed to be sentenced Tuesday, but due to the long sentencing hearing for Woods, his trial was delayed. He will now be prosecuted on Feb. 16, 2018, according to the Sentinel.

A fifth suspect, seen on surveillance footage from the apartment complex, has not been found.

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