FAU celebrates papermaking with ‘Autumn Wayzgoose’

The event offered an indoor market and live music.


Vendors sell handmade books inside the T-6 Building. Photo courtesy of media contact Carol Lewis West

Devin Perry, Contributing Writer


tudents took part in a celebration of the fifth anniversary of the Wimberly Library’s hand papermaking lab this past Sunday with “Autumn Wayzgoose,” featuring local crafts, foods, and entertainment.

The event’s on-campus host, the Jaffee Center for Book Arts, teaches students how to create paper by hand, bind books, and work printing presses. A wayzgoose is an old papermaker holiday referring to a celebration among the workers of a printer, papermaker, or press.

Attendees visited a photo booth, a T-shirt printing stand, and an apple sale, as well as an indoor market with vendors selling goods like locally made spices, art, and handmade pottery.

Singer-songwriters Brett Staska and Walt Roomey played live music throughout the event, which also featured food from local vendors Rocco’s Tacos and Louie Bossi Ristorante and Pizzeria.

The event was held both inside and outside of the T-building, a historic building on the northeast corner of campus from the World War II era that houses the Jaffe Center’s papermaking studio.

Day of the Dead themed hand carved paper bags were sold at the event. Photo courtesy of media contact Carol Lewis West

Artist and FAU alumna Kim Spivey demonstrated how she creates her own prints by using ink and etching copper sheets, after which she runs them through an etching press, revealing intricate black and white images. She said that the etching classes she took at FAU helped her discover her passion, which she’s been pursuing for 15 years.

The event was held from noon to 7 p.m., with proceeds from T-shirt sales and food going toward FAU libraries and the Jaffe Center, respectively, according to the FAU News Desk.

Director John Cutrone has been organizing this event for the past five years, and said that he doesn’t see an end to it. With an upcoming paper making event in early December, he added that there will be more to come for students and locals alike.

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