Students, families attend Fall Family Fest despite rain

The Homecoming carnival featured games, rides, food and more.


Students sitting side by side waiting to be spun on Reckless. Photo by Katrina Scales

Katrina Scales, News Editor

There were plenty of food, rides, and games for all at the Homecoming-themed carnival Wednesday night next to the FAU Stadium.

Both families and college students stood in line to stuff their own bear or ride a giant slide after enjoying a free, hot meal.

And while it started raining around 8:30 p.m., attendees were able to take shelter underneath the tents offering free food closest to the stadium. The event started at 6 p.m.

The FAU Police Department showed off its new SE-3 Patroller Segway and handed out stickers for the kids.

Larry “Oldschool” Ervin, captain of operations for the department, said he wants students to feel safe and be able to rely on the campus police.

“Look around, you’ll see a smile on every person’s face. This is what we want to see,” Ervin said. “We want you to know that we are community police officers and that we are there for them.”

Attendees could have a realistic digital drawing of themselves done by an artist. Photo by Katrina Scales

Among the attractions were carnival games, a ferris wheel, the Delray Beach S.W.A.T vehicle, spinning swings, and laser tag.

Junior Oliver King was impressed by this year’s event and said he was excited to try out the rides.

“There’s a lot more stuff to do and they have a lot of people coming in,” King said. “I think it’s cool that they put so much into it.”

Homecoming court members also made an appearance to encourage students to vote.

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