Preview: Increased attendance expected at annual drag show

The Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs anticipates 1,200 in attendance, 300 more than last year’s audience.


Courtesy of Mohammed F. Emran

The performers came back on stage for an encore at the end of the 2016 show. Photo courtesy of Mohammed F. Emran

Mackenzie Guiry, Contributing Writer

The Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs will host the seventh annual drag show this Saturday as part of Homecoming week.

South Florida drag queens TP Lords, Lisa Limbaugh, Rianna Petrone, Ariel Rimm, Rubber Child, and Tayanna Love will perform.

Artie M. Jamison, the director of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, said the office anticipates that 1,200 students will attend the event, an increase from last year’s crowd of 900.

“Attendance at the show has increased each year,” Jamison said.

Over the years, the show has been moved from the Majestic Palm room, which seats 100, to the Live Oak hall, which holds 400, and finally to the Student Union auditorium that seats 2,400 due to the growing popularity of the event.

Jamison added that while the event is meant to be fun, it will also bring attention to relevant issues in the LGBT community.

Last year’s show followed the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando. Host Ariel Rimm paid tribute to the victims with a performance of “Rise Up” by singer-songwriter Andra Day, Jamison said.

The show will also look to educate the audience on the drag and LGBT community. Prior to the performance, a powerpoint will be shown detailing the history of drag.

Jamison said that each year, the show highlights a different aspect of the LGBT community. Last year, a trans queen performed while this year, two of the performers are “queens of color.”

Freshman Kayla Radaker said she’s interested in attending the event.

Radaker said she appreciates how, in her eyes, the art of drag says, “This is who I am, deal with it.”

Freshman Brittney Ruiz said that she won’t be in town for the show but that she would go if she could.

“I like that FAU puts the show on because I feel that it shows how diverse and accepting the FAU community is,” Ruiz said.

The show is intended for mature audiences, according to Jamison.

Tickets are free for students and $10 for non-students. Doors open at 8 p.m. and the show will start at 9 p.m.

Mackenzie Guiry is a contributing writer for the University Press. For information regarding this other stories, email [email protected]