MTV Wild n’ Out stars headline the Homecoming comedy show

Comedians Rip Michaels, Nate Jackson, and Darren “Big Baby” Brand were at the Boca campus event.


Darren” Big Baby” Brand from MTV’s show Wild ‘n Out side eyes a student after the student yelled something out in response to one of Brand’s jokes. Joshua Giron | Staff Photographer

John Gao, Contributing Writer

MTV “Wild n’ Out” stars combined stand-up comedy and rap improv games for the eighth Homecoming comedy show.

Rip Michaels, Nate Jackson and Darren “Big Baby” Brand took the stage of the Student Union auditorium on Sunday night to a crowd of about 600 students.

Rip Michaels kicked off the show shortly after 8 p.m. by jokingly criticizing Owl Radio DJ Alex Roy and his assistant.

“Stop. What happened at rehearsal? We rehearsed this,” Michaels said. “How do you got an assistant DJ? Is that your boyfriend or that another DJ?”

After sparring with Roy over song choices, Michaels eventually settled on “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B, to which a group of students in the audience began chanting its lyrics.

An audience member that Michaels called out ended up dancing down the auditorium aisle to “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus, a song he said she “could get turned up to.”

After a 10 min. routine, Michaels turned the spotlight over to Nate Jackson, who noticed an audience member in a red dress who was wearing a crown. The woman stated that she was Homecoming queen and was met with applause.

Jackson then found out she actually hadn’t won yet, but was just “[dressed] for the job,” he said onstage. “That’s why you got the Snapchat filter ready.”

The comedian then did his best impression of her getting ready for the show, saying, “She got ready like, ‘Mm, nope. Mm, nope. This, and the shoulders-out shirt, I’m heading out.’”

The Homecoming queen hopeful, Calonda Harvey, is a junior studying elementary education.

“It was really fun… I feel like personally if you don’t participate, you can’t really complain,” she said.

To roaring laughter, Jackson imitatively mounted a chair, joking that adult shops today make men feel like women “don’t need us no more.”

After Jackson’s 30 min. standup, Darren “Big Baby” Brand came out from behind the curtains, but didn’t start before first running offstage to grind with and attempt to kiss a female audience member while “Sex with Me” by Rihanna was playing.

“Shoutout to all my seniors who cheat. Where my cheaters at?” Brand asked the cheering crowd.

Wild ‘n Out cast member Darren “Big Baby” Brand tells jokes during his stand-up performance on Sunday night. Photo by Violet Castano

Brand joked that someone who doesn’t share answers with the whole class should be beat up.

“You know I’m struggling,” he said, swinging his fist in the air.

Brand’s 40 min. set was filled with adult humor, but the crowd cheered him on.

The show concluded with the classic Wild ’n Out games “Pick It and Kill It” and “Family Reunion.”

Eight volunteers were brought onstage from the audience and divided into a Red Team and Blue Team, who each took turns delivering improvised battle raps.

Both first-time viewers and longtime fans of the comedians alike filled the auditorium seats.

“I think it’s a really funny show,” senior biology major Jessica E. Millwood said. “Knowing about the show prior, yes, I wanted to see if they wanted to do standup and then play some games, which is exactly what they did.”

However, some students wished the show was better advertised.

“The only thing I would add is more hype-up,” said Brandon De Armas, a freshman accounting/finance dual major and Wild ’n Out fan. “There was just a sign on the door and I just saw it randomly so I was lucky to see it.”

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