Homework isn’t due while classes are canceled, but FAU still wants you to prepare for Irma

Andrea Guzman Oliver, the associate vice president of student outreach and diversity, offers advice to on-campus students and informs the UP what university policies will be in place during Hurricane Irma.


A satellite image of Hurricane Irma on Wednesday, Sept. 6 in the Atlantic Ocean. Photo courtesy of Flickr

Thomas Chiles and Benjamin Paley

With just a few days until Hurricane Irma’s landfall, students living on campus are preparing for the storm. 


The University Press reached out to Andrea Guzman Oliver, the associate vice president of student outreach and diversity, who answered questions that on-campus students may have about the storm.

Andrea Guzman Oliver. Photo courtesy of FAU Student Affairs

Q: What can students living on campus do to prepare for the hurricane?

A: First, and foremost, we strongly encourage all students to leave campus and seek an alternative location away from the path of the hurricane.  If students elect to stay in the residence halls, we recommend the following:

  • Review the Hurricane Guide located on the Housing and Residential Life website under the resources tab
  • Purchase water and food supplies for 36 – 48 hours
  • Purchase flashlights & batteries
  • Prepare medical supplies
  • Unplug all non-essential electrical devices
  • Charge all cell phones and necessary electrical devices
  • Take bicycles inside
  • Algonquin & UVA students should move belongings away from windows and to the common area of their suite
  • Fuel and move vehicles (including mopeds and scooters) to Parking Garage 1 & 2 (not 3)
  • Stay indoors during the duration of the storm and its immediate aftermath until staff provides the “all-clear”
  • Contact the residence hall front desk if there are maintenance emergencies

Q: Are assignments for online classes still due?

A: All classes have been cancelled, this includes online courses.  I would encourage students who have access to computers to keep up with their courses.  However, if they are unable to access a computer, they should speak to their instructors.  Students will not be penalized for assignments due during the period that courses are cancelled.

Q: What on-campus services will be available during the storm?


  • FAU PD and Essential Personnel will be on campus
  • Residence Hall/ Student Apartment Offices will remain open
  • Dining Halls (including Breezeway Food Court & Outtakes) will remain open Wednesday, September 6, and will be updated daily.
  • Student Union and Campus Recreation will have normal hours Wednesday, September 6, and will be updated daily.
  • As the storm moves closer to our area, the University may make the determination that an evacuation is necessary. Students should be ready to evacuate.  Staff will alert students in the event of an evacuation and assist those in need of an alternative location.

*Editor’s note: FAU Dining tweeted that the dining hall will remain open until 8 p.m. Thursday, Sept.7, as well as the Student Union Outtakes. The Twitter page will continue to update students as the week progresses.* 


Q: Where will students go if a mandatory evacuation is enforced?

A: In the event that we have to evacuate we encourage students to seek out alternatives with family or friends.  For those who do not have such options, we will assist them in getting to a nearby open shelter.  We are currently going door to door to assess which students have alternative options and which students would need assistance.

Q: Who can I reach out to on campus for any storm questions or updates?

A: Contact the Dean of Students Office with concerns or questions:  561-297-3542

You can also stay informed by monitoring the FAU Information site: www.fau.edu/advisory or contacting 1-888-832-8695.

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