FAU police: Student arrested for aggravated battery using a deadly weapon

Devin Bulna allegedly strangled his girlfriend and attacked her with a computer chair. Updated as of May 28, 2024 to reflect status of charges.


Photo courtesy of Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Joe Pye, Editor in Chief

Editor’s Note: As of May 28, 2024, this article has been updated to reflect the current status of Bulna’s charges and to properly attribute the details of the incident as found by new documentation from the police investigation.

An FAU student allegedly attacked his girlfriend with a computer chair and apologized for having to kill her before she locked herself in a bathroom, according to the victim’s account found in FAU police records.

Devin Bulna, 18, and his 19 year-old girlfriend were out drinking at a local bar Friday before they returned to her room in Parliament Hall on the Boca campus. The two were arguing when Bulna became upset and began punching her on her legs, lower back and buttocks, his girlfriend told FAU police.

Bulna then threw her to the ground, where she hit her head on the mini refrigerator in her dorm room. He subsequently picked up a computer chair and threw it onto her head, FAU police said.

After throwing the chair, Bulna threw her onto the bed and grabbed her by the neck, at which point she noticed him reaching for a pair of scissors on a nearby desk, she told FAU police.

Police records state that Bulna said, “I’m sorry but I have to kill you so it will all be okay.”

She then pleaded with and tried to hug him, telling him she loved him.

After Bulna began crying and threw himself on the floor, she took the opportunity to lock herself in the bathroom. Her suitemate heard the incident from her room next door and later called the police, according to police.

“Please get him away, please get him away from me please,” she said to the reporting police officer after he arrived.

Bulna was placed under arrest for aggravated battery using a deadly weapon, battery – intentionally touching or striking (dating violence) and unlawful possession of a fictitious ID, FAU police records state.

According to new documentation obtained by the UP in March 2024, Palm Beach County judge at the time, Glenn Kelley, dropped Bulna’s three initial charges. The details of the incident reflected in the original police report, including using a chair and a pair of scissors as a weapon and threatening to kill, were found to be not materially true.

Bulna took a plea deal in August 2017 that resulted in Judge Kelley issuing the following new charges: domestic battery by strangulation, unauthorized possession of a driver’s license or ID card, battery, assault, and aggravated battery by a deadly weapon.

He was found not guilty of domestic battery by strangulation, guilty of battery and assault, and the court dismissed the aggravated battery by a deadly weapon charge.

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