Davie campus hosts annual Rec Fest

Three other on-campus events were held throughout the day.


Photo courtesy of FAU Davie Office of Campus Life Facebook page.

Celina DeCastro, Contributing Writer

Davie campus students had a busy day bouncing between each event hosted at the Broward campus Thursday.

Rec Fest returned to the campus after nearly a two-year hiatus due to staffing issues.

Warren Shaw, associate director of Campus Life in Davie, said that he was surprised at the turnout of the event that took place outside of the Student Union.

“For an event that didn’t give out free food, I am pleased with the turnout, next year I hope to make the event bigger,” Shaw said.

Students were greeted before class with the sound of several types of music varying from Caribbean, hip-hop, freestyle and pop. The Campus Life staff smiled and waved students closer to participate and collect free items.

The Rec Fest had many vendors present, the majority being local businesses near the Davie campus.

Vendors included Zico Coconut Water, Reggae Fit, Broward Meditation, Atomic Training and Performance Gym, Delicious Raw, Runner’s Depot, Supplement Warehouse, Monster Energy and several others.

Over 100 students were present throughout the event. Each student who signed in to the fest was presented with a bag full of free goodies containing small items like water bottles, lip balm, key chains, free condoms and lubricant.

“With all the money we pay here in tuition, it’s nice to get free things,” Michael Duque said, a senior multimedia journalism major.

Each vendor also provided their own free samples to students and community onlookers that were on the Broward campus to promote their local business.

Zico provided free coconut water, Delicious Raw provided samples of some of their organic juice and no-sugar granola bars and ATP gym offered students to participate in an obstacle course.

Christina Ustiak, coordinator of Campus Life at the Davie campus, presented her Zumba class. Ustiak was followed up by Reggae Fit instructors, Ezra and Seanea, showing off their Caribbean moves as a form of exercise.

Even Bernie, the Miami Heat mascot, was present and taking pictures with students.

“Rec Fest is meant to get students involved not only in the school but with the community as well,” Ustiak said.

Around noon, professional speaker Payton Head led a discussion titled, “Why All Black Lives Must Matter” within the Student Union.

The second event of the day, a lunch hosted by the on-campus LGBT club, was held at 2 p.m. in the Student Union.

Joshua Prosper, a member of the club and the Broward campus House of Representatives, said the lunch in was hosted in honor for those who have fought for LGBT rights and equality.

At 4:30 p.m. in the Student Union, the Meet the House event took place.

This gave students the opportunity to meet the Broward campus House of Representatives members and earn a chance to eat nitrogen ice cream served by Deerfield’s own Frozen Bowl, as well as learn of the goals the House has for the Davie campus.

Prosper said goals include advocating for community involvement, making amendments to current policies to better suit the needs of the student body, increase school spirit and advocate for more programs and services.

Several members of the House of Representatives urged students to stop by their office, Room 216 on the second floor of the Davie Student Union, to voice comments or concerns they have about the Broward campus and suggestions on events or programs.

Celina DeCastro is a contributing writer with the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected] or tweet her @DeCa_Celina.