Boca police: two FAU women’s volleyball players arrested on grand theft charges

The pair attempted to steal $1,410.64 worth of merchandise, according to Boca police.


Koreen Varney (left) and Emily Hise. Photos courtesy of Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Joe Pye, Editor in chief

Editor’s Note: The Palm Beach County Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller website shows the cases are closed. Hise and Varney were each charged with petit theft of $100 or more and found not guilty. They were also arrested for grand theft and charges were not filed. 

Two FAU women’s volleyball players entered a fitting room of the Macy’s retail store located in the Town Center of Boca Raton with relatively empty Pacific Sunwear bags. When they exited the room, the bags were full, according to Boca Raton Police Department records.

On April 22, FAU students Emily Hise and Koreen Varney were arrested by Boca police for allegedly stealing over $1,400 worth of women’s activewear and Calvin Klein clothing from Macy’s.

According to Boca police, the retail store’s Asset Protection Representative Luca Rispoli observed “suspicious activity.”

The two were carrying large Pacific Sunwear bags that appeared to be empty. Rispoli said that he noticed them selecting items from the women’s activewear department. The two then entered an activewear fitting room, according to Boca police.

Boca police records state that when they exited, another Macy’s employee noticed several items were missing.

The FAU volleyball players were subsequently seen selecting items from clothing fixtures and entering fitting rooms. Two Macy’s employees checked each fitting room and found that multiple items were missing, according to Boca police.

“Rispoli advised the bags being carried by Hise and Varney were now noticeably larger,” Boca police reported. “Hise and Varney passed all points of sale never making any attempt to purchase the concealed merchandise.”

The Asset Protection representative recovered all of the stolen merchandise. According to Boca police records, Hise had $963.08 worth of goods, while Varney had $447.56 worth.

Boca police reported that the two stated they intentionally stole the items while working together and were both “extremely remorseful.”

They were placed under arrest and charged with grand theft and issued trespass warnings for Macy’s, according to Boca police.

Varney is set to appear at the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit of Florida court in Palm Beach County on June 1, while Hise will appear at the same court June 8.

FAU Athletics said it is aware of the situation but cannot comment on a pending legal matter.

Currently, it has not been made public if either player will receive punishment from the athletic program.

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