FAU Police: Brother of FAU student resident caught after urinating in engineering study room (Updates)

Brayden Simpkins lied about being a registered student while he was questioned by FAU police.


Photo courtesy of Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Joe Pye, News Editor

Update: [March 20, 2017] Brayden Simpkins  is set to appear in court on April 6, according to Palm Beach County Court records. Simpkins is accused of a third-degree felony burglary of an unoccupied structure, as well as damage of property under $200 — a misdemeanor crime — according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.



rayden Simpkins claimed to be on the Boca campus to play basketball in the rec center, but was actually here to urinate on the floors and computer equipment of the Engineering East building, according to Florida Atlantic police.

The brother of an FAU student resident, Simpkins was caught after urinating on a computer, computer desk, keyboards and floors in Room 101, FAU police said.

FAU Police made contact with building manager C. Perry Weinthal, who said that someone had been urinating in the room for the past several days, according to their records.

From Feb. 19-26, he was identified on camera five times in the room, also known as “The Cube.”

According to the police report, Simpkins broke in and destroyed three computer keyboards with his urine.

Simpkins lied to the reporting officer and claimed to be a commuter student. FAU Police records state that he is not a registered student.

He was originally held on a $4,500 bond, which is now $10,000.  

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