Student Government election results finalized after contestation hearing

Elected Governor Der’Resha Bastien will receive a written reprimand for her violation of an SG statute.

Photo courtesy of SG

Photo courtesy of SG

Benjamin Paley, Contributing Writer

The results of the spring 2017 Student Government elections are now official since the Elections Board adjourned its contestation hearing on Feb. 27 at 8:21 a.m.

The hearing occurs at the end of every SG election cycle before the results are finalized in order to hear complaints brought by any member of the Florida Atlantic community.

Der’Resha Bastien, the winner of the Boca campus governor’s race, received three contestation complaints. Two of those contestations were dismissed by the Elections Board due to lack of evidence.

Marianne Alex (left) and Der’Resha Bastien (right) present their respective policies to the student body at the Boca gubernatorial debate. Benjamin Paley | Contributing Writer

However, Bastien will receive a written reprimand from the Elections Board for violating Statute 315.210. The rule states that campaign materials telling students where to vote must have a statement on who students should contact if they require an accommodation for a disability.

Bastien argued that her flyer was solely informational.

Ryan Corbitt, the Broward elections commissioner, moved to give Bastien a written reprimand since it was a minor contestation.  

“It will have no effect on the results of the election,” Robert Mooney, elections board chair, explained to Bastien. “The written reprimand will go on file with the Elections Board and with the Student Court.”

The official election results are:

SG student body president and vice president: Emily Lawless and Kyle MacDonald

Boca campus governor: Der’Resha Bastien

Broward campus governor: Andres Villabona

Jupiter campus governor: Kahlil Ricketts

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