BEPI poll shows majority of Floridians disagree with Trump’s immigration-related policies

Six hundred Florida residents took part in the online poll.


BEPI Director Monica Escaleras talks with the students who help compile data and put together the polling initiative’s monthly findings. Joe Pye | Editor in Chief

Joe Pye, News Editor

While President Donald Trump’s recent tweets suggest that he believes his policy is the will of the people, a new poll from Florida Atlantic says Floridians think otherwise.

FAU’s Business and Economic Polling Initiative’s latest findings show that most Floridians don’t agree with Trump’s Jan. 26 executive order to cut off federal funding for cities harboring undocumented immigrants. From Feb. 1-4, 600 Florida residents were polled through the online survey.

“Overall, the majority of respondents (52% to 36%) don’t want the federal government to cut off funding to Sanctuary cities,” BEPI director Monica Escaleras wrote in an email. “Of the 55% of respondents who were familiar with Sanctuary Cities, 51% wanted the Justice Department to take legal action against these cities.”

Escaleras decided to focus this month’s poll on the state rather than on a national level due to the vast immigration population in Florida.

“We decided to do a Florida poll since there are so many immigrants in Florida,” Escaleras wrote.  “For example, Miami-Dade is the county with the second highest number of immigrants in the country, with more than 1,330,000, according to the Migration Policy Institute.”

Poll takers were asked if they support or oppose Trump’s border wall, with 44 percent for it and 56 percent against. When told the wall would cost the U.S. $15 billion, the support percentage dropped 10 points.

“[It’s] interesting to see how people’s perceptions change when you put a dollar amount,” Escaleras said.

According to the poll, 73 percent of Republicans feel that Trump is doing a good job, while only eight percent of Democrats agree.

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