University faculty remembers Jorge Eduardo Viola-Prioli

Former statistics professor passed away from cancer on Jan. 1.


Photo of Jorge Viola-Piroli courtesy of Glick Family Funeral Home.

Ryan Lynch, Editor in Chief


orge Eduardo Viola-Prioli, a statistics professor who worked for 15 years in the Florida Atlantic math department, passed away on Jan. 1.

In the wake of his death, members of the department gave their accounts of the man Viola-Prioli was in his years with the university.

All responses were left unedited to keep the voice of the authors.

Barry Booton, senior instructor

“When I first came to FAU in 2003, due to a lack of office space, I was assigned to share an office with him.  He was a terrific officemate.  FAU was my first employer as a full-time instructor, and I had a lot of questions.  He was always very helpful.  In particular I got a pretty good sense from him what responsibilities should be assumed by an instructor and what should be expected of our students.  Even years later after I got my own office, I was still able to get additional ideas from him that are useful in the classroom.”

“On a personal level he was always friendly and gracious.  He was certainly popular with my colleagues in the Math Department, and my impression was that he was popular with his students as well.  I thought very highly of him.  We will miss him.”

Rainer Steinwandt, professor and chair director, Center for Cryptology and Information Security

“On January 1, 2017, our distinguished colleague and dear friend Jorge Viola-Prioli passed away. He joined Florida Atlantic University’s Department of Mathematical Sciences in August 2003 and since then played a key role in shaping our classes and programs. Until his last weeks, Jorge served in our department as Senior Instructor and Research Professor, working with his students and supporting his colleagues.”

“Jorge’s research focus was in algebra, but those of us who had the honor to work with him in person also knew him as passionate teacher and insightful mentor. He chaired our undergraduate committee, helped us to shape the Discrete Mathematics and Methods of Calculus courses, implemented a solid assessment for our undergraduate program, and contributed to our department in many other ways.”

“Jorge was a most valued faculty member at Universidad Simón Bolívar in Venezuela, and as textbook author touched on the educational experience of numerous students. Both at Florida Atlantic University and at Universidad Simón Bolívar, Jorge’s classes were famous for their careful and dedicated preparation and delivery. He offered students a wonderful opportunity to learn, to grow, and to pursue their career goals.”

“Jorge was an outstanding scholar and true gentleman with an impeccable sense for what is right. The everlasting pursuit of perfection in his work was at all times paired with kindness, earning him immense appreciation and respect by faculty, staff, and students alike.”

“FAU’s Department of Mathematical Sciences is grateful and proud to have had Dr. Jorge Viola-Prioli among our faculty, and we share our most sincere condolences with his wife, Dr. Ana de Viola-Prioli, his children, and his family. The passing of Jorge is an irreplaceable loss, but through his life-long dedication to mathematics and work with students, he built a lasting legacy that will not be forgotten. A memorial service in celebration of Jorge’s life will be held at St. Jude Catholic Church in Boca Raton on Saturday, January 14, 2017 at 9:30 am.  Family will be receiving friends before mass, from 9-9:30 am.”

En Espanol:

“El 1o de enero de 2017 falleció nuestro distinguido colega y querido amigo Jorge Viola-Prioli. Jorge se unió al Departamento de Matemáticas de Florida Atlantic University en agosto de 2003 y desde entonces jugó un papel clave en el diseño  de nuestras clases y programas.  Jorge ejerció en nuestro departamento el puesto de Instructor Superior y Profesor de Investigación, trabajando con sus estudiantes y apoyando a sus colegas, inclusive durante sus últimas semanas de vida.”

“El área de especialización de Jorge era álgebra, sin embargo todos los que tuvimos el honor de trabajar con él en persona también  lo reconocíamos como un profesor apasionado y un mentor con visión futurista y perspicaz. Él estuvo al frente de nuestro comité de estudios de grado, nos ayudó a mejorar los cursos de Matemáticas Discreta y de Métodos de Cálculo, implementó una evaluación robusta de nuestro programa de título de grado y contribuyó en muchas otras formas en nuestro departamento.”

“Jorge también fue un profesor muy apreciado en la Universidad Simón Bolívar de Caracas, Venezuela y, como autor de libros de texto, afectó la experiencia educativa de numerosos estudiantes. Sus clases, tanto en Florida Atlantic University como en la Universidad Simón Bolívar, eran muy populares por su cuidadosa y meticulosa pedagogía. Ofreció a los estudiantes una maravillosa oportunidad de aprender, de crecer, y de ir en pos de sus metas profesionales.”

“Jorge fue un académico extraordinario  y un verdadero caballero con un sentido impecable de justicia. La constante búsqueda de perfección en su trabajo iba  la par con su generosidad,  ganándole un inmenso respeto y aprecio de parte de sus compañeros en el profesorado, al igual que del personal y de los estudiantes.”

“El Departamento de Matemáticas de FAU se siente agradecido y orgulloso de haber contado al Dr. Jorge Viola-Prioli entre sus profesores. Compartimos nuestras más sinceras condolencias con su esposa, la Dra. Ana de Viola-Prioli, sus hijos y su familia. El fallecimiento de Jorge es una pérdida irreparable, pero su dedicación a las matemáticas a lo largo de su vida y su trabajo con los estudiantes, han dejado un legado perdurable que no será olvidado. Un misa celebrando la vida de Jorge va  a llevarse a cabo en la iglesia católica de St. Jude en Boca Raton, el 14 de enero de 2017, a las 9:30 de la mañana. La familia va a recibir a amigos de 9 a 9:30, antes de la misa”

Rodger Goldwyn, senior instructor and Math Learning Center director

“A real teacher who cared for his students.   Dedicated to making teaching better and helping students learn.”

Stephen Locke, professor and associate chair

“Dr. Viola was always well-liked by his students, and his classes were the first to fill. He was a gentleman and dealt well with everyone. In recent years he has the chairman of the departmental curriculum committee for the Math. Sci. Dept.”

Brittanney Amento, associate director of Math Learning Center and E-Tutoring

“I first encountered Dr. Viola as a graduate teaching assistant in the PhD program for mathematics in 2008. I was blessed to have him as my coordinator one of the first semesters I taught. I owe a huge portion of my success as an effective and thoughtful instructor to his direction in the beginning of my teaching career. I am now the instructor of the largest mostly online math course taught here at FAU—and I have taught this for 6 semesters. I forever remain thankful for his direction and the impact he made on my life and career.”

“He was one of a kind.”

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