Author Rachel Pires to host book signing at Boca Raton campus

Her new book “Diet Enlightenment” is written with a “Buddhist and Eastern philosophy twist.”

Photo courtesy of Rachel Pires.

Photo courtesy of Rachel Pires.

Tucker Berardi, Features Editor

Author Rachel Pires claims to know the secret to overcoming one of the biggest struggles we have today — dieting.

In her new book “Diet Enlightenment,” Pires discusses the problems that all mainstream diets have in common and focuses on the simple way to shed pounds. According to Pires, she also encourages readers to adopt a “more enlightened” mindset.

“[My book] is written with a Buddhist and Eastern philosophy twist, and a bit of humor,” Pires said. “It sheds light on the reality of the weight loss industry, and teaches readers exactly how to lose weight efficiently and permanently.”

Pires maintains that you don’t have to sacrifice the food you love to lose weight, you just have to be conscious of the amount you are eating. She added that you should ignore gimmicks and calories are the key when it comes to any weight loss plan.

“I have found that most people are brainwashed by the dieting industry into believing that if you are not thin, it’s because you weren’t born with a great metabolism, you don’t eat healthy enough, you don’t exercise enough, you don’t have a strong enough willpower, and so on,” Pires said. “But, this simply isn’t the case — there is an enlightened way to lose weight and anyone can do it!”

Pires has used this method to keep the pounds off following her pregnancy and claims that “keeping it off was almost effortless,” all while sticking with the food she loves.

The book signing will take place on Saturday, Jan. 14 at 1 p.m. in the FAU Bookstore, next to Starbucks in the Breezeway. Copies will be available for purchase on site.

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