2016 Homecoming potential OWLfest artists included DNCE, Ying Yang Twins

Wale and Niykee Heaton were offered to perform with the Atlanta-based rap duo.


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Ryan Lynch, Editor in Chief


onths after Kesha performed at OWLfest, the University Press obtained new documents that show Program Board was looking at other artists besides the pop singer turned rock artist to perform at the Homecoming week concert.

Offer sheets from Degy Booking, the company responsible for contacting musicians and other artists to perform at university functions, show that Program Board put out a bid to musical artists DNCE and also drafted an agreement for the Ying Yang Twins in June 2016. Each artist being offered $100,000 and $10,000 respectively.

“In our process, we submit a budget and genre criteria to a college agency and receive options that fit that event plan,” said Richard Mahler, the assistant director for campus activities and student involvement at FAU, in an email. “After careful consideration of the options available, use of the data collected, and the reality of a limited budget compared to larger Florida institutions, Program Board decided that Kesha would provide remarkable name recognition and a top tier performance for Florida Atlantic students.”

DNCE, which features pop artist and former member of The Jonas Brothers, Joe Jonas as its frontman, was selected as the potential act for the headlining spot for the show, with no opening acts listed on the offer.

The Ying Yang Twins were selected as part of a package featuring singer Niykee Heaton and rapper Wale. According to the offer sheet, Heaton and the Ying Yang Twins were scheduled to be the opening acts, while Wale was to serve as the headliner for the show.

According to Mahler, DNCE revealed during the negotiating process that it was planning to go on a European tour during the fall. The Ying Yang negotiations fell through with securing the headline act for their plan.

“Ying Yang’s candidacy fell through due to contract negotiations with headlining artist. Since these artists have the ability to deny any opener, we moved on to Lunchmoney Lewis,” he wrote. “In the long run, Lunchmoney gave a much better performance and we were excited to see him in the weeks following performing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.”

According to Mahler, Kesha then became the most viable option.

Danielle Hanks, a junior accounting major, said that she missed seeing Kesha for OWLfest last semester because of a test in her money and banking class, but liked the idea of DNCE coming to campus.

“I prefer DNCE over Kesha big time,” she said. “I feel like they are more relevant because she hadn’t put out music in a while.”

Hanks added that she was a fan of DNCE’s frontman as well.

“I like Joe Jonas, I love his voice,” she said. “I was a big fan of the Jonas Brothers in middle school, when they were big.”
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