Professional acting classes are coming to FAU

James Monarski’s acting classes are for up-and-coming actors and actresses who want to get some professional experience.


Photo courtesy of James Monarski’s Facebook page.

Tucker Berardi, Features Editor

“The LA experience right here on campus,” is the slogan for James Monarski’s acting class, a small-group experience taking place at Florida Atlantic on Dec. 19-20, the location of which is disclosed upon reserving a spot.

“I want to offer students the ability to master their craft,” Monarski said. “To become aware of the habits and patterns that they are putting into their being.”

Monarski is currently most famous for his role of the character Carlo on “Glitch”, a Netflix series. According to a press release, Monarski has worked with acting coaches in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Monarski’s class focuses on a mixture of acting techniques ranging from script analysis of movies and social media videos, self-recording to recognize habits, characterization through animal association and more.

There is also a video audition exercise which gives students the option to take home their own audition tape to use in future auditions.

Monarski has worked with class sizes from one person to 100 people but he likes to keep the classes more personal.

“I like to keep classes fairly intimate,” Monarski said. “I am limiting this workshop to a maximum of 30 people. I want to make sure I give people intimate time and attention.”

Before each class starts, Monarski likes to ask his students what they expect to get out of the program so as to steer the class toward the common goals of its participants. Regardless of the exercises, Monarski said this class is for the aspiring professional.

“I’m looking to teach the nuts and bolts. This is for people who are serious about the craft and gaining knowledge in that area,” Monarski said. “This class will be beneficial for anyone who is looking for experience in the profession.”

There are 23 remaining spots in the class, and at least 13 more spots need to be filled before the workshop begins.

“Acting is about getting out of your head and into the body, making people comfortable with themselves,” Monarski said. “Reconnect with your soul. If you’re interested in acting, make a commitment to yourself and get involved.”

The classes will take place on Monday and Tuesday, Dec.19-20, from 3-10 p.m.The cost is $100 for general participants and $75 for students.

You can reserve your spot by emailing [email protected].

Tucker Berardi is the features editor of the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected] or tweet him @tucker_berardi.