FAU Police: Student caught recording women in bathroom stalls on Boca campus

Florida Atlantic police broke down the bathroom stall door to make the arrest.


Photo courtesy of Palm Beach County’s Sheriff’s Office.

Joe Pye, News Editor


ather than planning for Thanksgiving last week, Alexis Fermin Garcia decided to videotape women in the bathroom, FAU police records say.

FAU police arrested Garcia for allegedly recording a woman with a cell phone in an unidentified restroom on the Boca campus last Wednesday, Nov. 23 at 2:36 p.m.

Police records did not confirm whether he was a student or not, but university records show that he is.

Palm Beach County court documents related to the case say Garcia is facing six counts of video voyeurism on Nov. 9, Nov. 18 and again when he was caught on Wednesday. He was also charged with one count of resisting arrest without violence.

FAU officer Ashton Horne arrived at the crime scene to find the unidentified victim waiting outside the restroom when she advised him that Garcia was potentially still in the stall, FAU police records say.

After verbally warning Garcia to exit the bathroom stall, Horne kicked down the stall door to find Garcia sitting on the toilet, according to FAU police records.

The University Press was able to access publicly available court records after Media Relations chief press officer Lisa Metcalf said that “they have not released the police report to anyone…as it is not ready yet.”

Garcia was court ordered to set up an appointment with a mental health expert for a psychological evaluation and will return to court on Jan. 12, 2017, at Palm Beach County Court to receive his sentence.

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