Organized fraud takes place in administration building

No suspect or target was identified in the active case.


Max Jackson | Staff Photographer

Joe Pye, News Editor

On Nov. 18, the Florida Atlantic Police Department reported an organized fraud incident on its police blotter.

The active case took place on the Boca Raton campus in the Kenneth R. Williams Administration Building. Neither a target nor a suspect has been identified.

Organized fraud is defined under Florida Statute 817.034 as, “operators of schemes to defraud use communications technology to solicit victims and thereby conceal their identities and overcome a victim’s normal resistance to sales pressure by delivering a personalized sales message,” according to Online Sunshine — the official website of Florida Legislature.

The University Press reached out to FAU police Chief Sean Brammer, the public records department and Media Relations for more information, but was told the university will not comment on active cases.

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