Florida Atlantic Vine star Eric Dunn visits the White House

FAU student and Vine star visits the White House to raise awareness on sexual assault on college campuses


Eric Dunn was invited to the White House by current Vice President Joe Biden. Photo courtesy of Eric Dunn.

Nicole Pujazon, Contributing Writer

Florida Atlantic senior and Vine star Eric Dunn visited the White House this past Thursday to meet Vice President Joe Biden and discuss ideas for Biden’s “It’s On Us” campaign, started by Biden to be a solution to sexual assault on college campuses.

“It was such a random opportunity, I was freaking out, but it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience, it was totally worth it,” Dunn said about his first visit to the White House.

Dunn traveled to Washington to attend a meeting hosted by the vice president where he talked about the importance of males representing the campaign along with other Viners and YouTube personalities including Shay Carl and D-Trix.

“The marketing company I was working for, Epic Signal, emailed me saying they wanted Viner’s to promote the campaign and if I wanted to go to the White House and I said yes,” Dunn said.

Dunn stated the meeting was to set up a public service announcement to raise awareness about sexual abuse on college campuses. He wants to incorporate other FAU students and include the FAU campus in the announcement.

The YouTube and Vine stars will collaborate for “It’s On Us,” and the announcement will be released sometime in August just before the fall semester starts.

“It’ll take some time but we all have a moral obligation to step in when we see a situation happening and women and men have an obligation to report it. We must be courageous and protect each other,” Dunn stated in the vlog he did about his trip to the White House.

Dunn hopes to help spread the word about the “It’s On Us” campaign by updating his Vine and YouTube followers about how to take the pledge and join “It’s On Us” to make a difference on college campuses.  

To find out more about Dunn’s White House experience check out his YouTube Channel.

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