FAU Sigma Chi member asks actress to fraternity formal

Mikhail Guseynov is asking actress Chloë Grace Moretz to be his date to the event.


Joella Marano

Mikhail Guseynov wants 90,210 likes on Facebook to get actress Chloe Grace Moretz’s attention. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Tucker Berardi, Staff Writer

The Sigma Chi Fraternity Formal may have a special guest if Florida Atlantic hospitality senior Mikhail Guseynov has his way: He’s inviting actress Chloe Grace Moretz.

The formal, an event that encourages appreciation of the Sigma Chi fraternity and its members, will take place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, from May 6 through May 8. Attending brothers are encouraged to brings friends and dates.

“Why not go big?” Guseynov asked himself. “People see me as a person who is able to accomplish his dreams.”

He looks to be an actor in the future and said that his aspirations prompted him to reach out to the actress.

Guseynov said he has seen Moretz in several movies lately, such as her latest role in “The Fifth Wave,” and that her impressive performances inspired him to choose her to be his date.

Guseynov started a Facebook campaign to gain public support and has messaged Moretz through both Twitter and Facebook. He described his campaign following as “the best feeling you can ever experience.”

He hopes the profile picture for the campaign, which has reached 2,900 likes at the time of publication, will accumulate 90,210 likes — an homage to his favorite show.

Mikhail Guseynov (right) asks Facebook users to like his campaign in order to try to score a date with actress Chloe Grace Moretz. Photo courtesy of Guseynov’s Facebook profile.

Guseynov said the purpose of his campaign goes beyond having the most famous date to the formal.

His goal is to “be an example for students with hidden leadership potential.” Later saying, “The only person who limits you is yourself.”

According to Guseynov, he has gone from being a shy guy to a proactive member of the FAU community. “I was a nervous wreck when I moved to FAU.”

He is a lifeguard for Campus Recreation, has received three scholarships and is involved in his fraternity.

For the senior, asking Moretz to the formal has served as a networking opportunity — it has helped establish contacts for Sigma Chi’s Derby Days, a philanthropic event that raises money for the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

“[Asking Moretz] has given me the opportunity to meet so many new people,” said Guseynov. “I learned something from everyone I met, I loved speaking to them because they all help me realize who I am.”

Guseynov is staying optimistic for his campaign’s success. “The worst she can say is no.”

Tucker Berardi is a staff writer for the University Press. To contact him regarding this or other stories, he can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter.