Annual Weeks of Welcome Foam Party cancelled

After an eight year run, FAU will no longer host the Foam Party.


Over 600 students attended the foam party at 9:00 p.m. on Saturday Aug. 18, 2012. Photo by Michelle Friswell.

Erin Martin, Contributing Writer

Florida Atlantic will no longer be hosting the annual Weeks of Welcome (WOW) Foam Party – an on-campus party that involved inflatable foam pits.

Director of the Student Union Dan Johnson, who helps coordinate WOW, confirmed this, saying, “Our Weeks of Welcome offerings are ever changing as we look for new ways to engage our students. The Foam Party was one of the events that we felt had run its course, and we are looking at new and different programs that will help us build student engagement.

There has been speculation that the event was cancelled due to drug and alcohol use among students. The UP was unable to reach FAU PD by publication time.

The Foam Party has been held at FAU for eight years just outside of the Student Union and usually draws in a crowd of about 1,500 students, according to past UP coverage.

Upon hearing news of the termination, several students showed their appreciation for the removal of the event.

“I think it’s a smart idea to skip the foam party because of how dangerous it’s been in the past. This school should be promoting education more, not partying,” said Marcia Lawrence, a senior majoring in sociology.

Sam Rosenfield, a senior at FAU explained “I’ve heard several reports from girls, over several years of foam parties, of guys walking up to them and shoving their hands down the girls’ pants, grabbing them, holding them down, etc. Disgusting.”  

Over the years, FAU has taken several safety measures at this event. In 2012, the UP reported that students had to sign a waiver “which freed FAU of any liability,” along with going through metal detectors.

One student, does not feel the same about the cancellation.

“It’s an event that happens once a year in the fall. The school isn’t promoting partying over education. This is college, it’s a time to have fun,” explained Nick Wingward, a junior majoring in Exercise Science.

He continued, “Also revoking the foam party isn’t going to stop college students from partying. The foam party won’t prevent people from going to house parties, but it could prevent a few people from going and getting hurt. If students see they can have more fun on campus they may be more inclined to partake in more campus events.”

However, WOW will be hosting other events for students throughout the week. For more information, click here.

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Marcia Lawrence is a former member of the University Press.

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