Program Board Summer Comedy Show Falls Short in Attendance — And Lack of Promised French Fries

Mohammed F Emran | Staff Photographer and Lulu Ramadan | Contributing Photographer

Mohammed F Emran | Staff Photographer and Lulu Ramadan | Contributing Photographer

Austin Lee, Contributing Writer

FAU’s Program Board held a comedy show on the night of Friday, June 25 at the Burrow Bar & Grill with a promise of free French fries for the first 50 attendees.

Even if they had delivered on the offer — which was advertised on the event’s flier that started circulating Monday of the same week — there would have been some left over.

Flier courtesy of Program Board
Flier courtesy of Program Board

With about 47 people in the crowd by the time the comedians hit the stage, this comedy show took a huge hit in attendance versus Program Board’s last comedy show’s audience of 200 in the spring.

The show was headlined by Miami based Ramon Garcia with opener Chello Davis. “We’re fiscally frozen right now,” Program Board Director Jacob Sherbondy said as the main reason only local talent was signed for the show.

Sophomore communication major Mark Hodges waited 40 minutes past 8 p.m. — the show’s door time — to be entertained. “I had nothing else to do, honestly” Hodges said. As for the missing fries, they were substituted with small bags of popcorn. Hodges was the least bit surprised. “I saw it coming really, but I still came.”

Sherbondy attributed the night’s shortcomings as typical for the summer — not the fact that the show was promoted for five days prior to the event. (According to June 25’s FAU House of Representatives minutes, physical fliers for the show went out on Monday, June 22. Digital fliers were posted on Program Board’s Facebook page starting the same day.)

Sherbondy cited the lack of fries as a miscommunication with the Burrow — which has been closed over the summer.

The small crowd sprinkled in little by little to watch the show. When the performers finally made it to the stage, they made it known that the attendance was underwhelming at best.

“I can’t wait to lie about this shit on Twitter,” Davis said as he took the stage. “The check better still clear, FAU.” Davis jokingly pleaded to the audience, asking them to claim there were over 3,000 people in the crowd.

Davis, who’s worked with comedy heavyweights like Mike Epps and Katt Williams and has been featured on BET’s Comic View, said the show was confirmed about a month ago.

As of press time, despite a public records request, it is unknown how much Garcia and Davis’ acts cost, along with if there was any cost to renting out the Burrow Bar & Grill as a venue.

In the past, FAU has paid between around $1,000 – $3,000 on comedy show acts according to record requests.