Oxley Center is victim of repeated theft


Max Jackson

The Oxley Center, here seen as part of the set of the HBO series “Ballers.” Max Jackson | Photo Editor

Wesley Wright, Editor in Chief

Update 6/26: Lowe says in an email to the UP that the thefts took place during a camp, and that the most common items stolen were iPhones.

Update 6/26 #2: There was another petit theft reported at the Oxley Center, reported the morning of June 24. It showed up on the blotter on June 26.

By law, police departments at public state universities are required to show transparency regarding campus crime. The FAU police department does so with a blotter they update on weekdays.

The FAU police blotter lists a handful of theft cases that occurred in the past eight days. The cases have one common factor: All took place at the Tom Oxley Athletic Center, a 54,000 square-foot facility shared by FAU athletics and administration.

Included on the blotter are seven cases of grand theft on June 17,  as well as one case of petit theft. One more grand theft occurred on the eighteenth of June.

The distinction between grand theft and petit theft lies in the value of the pilfered property. Stolen objects valued between $100 and $300 dollars constitute petit theft.

Grand theft, measured in varying degrees according to product value, is any stolen property valued between $301 and $100,000.

FAU police chief Charles Lowe did not respond to requests for comment.

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