Legislature, software to prevent accidents from texting and driving are introduced


[Max Jackson | Photo Editor]

Benjamin Paley, Contributing Writer

State Senator Maria Sachs, a Democrat of Delray Beach, proposed changes to Florida Statute 316.305 that would result in double penalties to those who violate Florida’s ban on texting and driving.

The amendment to the statute would have allowed law enforcement officials to make traffic stops just for seeing someone texting and driving.

The bill however, “died along with other legislation when the session abruptly ended last month amid a budget standoff,” according to the Sun Sentinel.

The fight for tougher laws on texting and driving has been a long one, but Daniel Raviv, a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Florida Atlantic University has a different way to combat the issue.

Raviv has invented a software that would prevent drivers from being able to text while driving, which could prevent car crashes caused by phone-related distractions.

The software was patented by Florida Atlantic University and is currently being tested at PortNexus, a technology firm in Dania Beach. When asked about his product, Raviv replied that his system can differentiate a driver from a passenger, something that “most other systems cannot distinguish.” He also emphasized that the software is not an app, but is instead controlled by the cell phone service provider.

For Raviv, the goal is to educate Florida drivers of the dangers of texting and driving. He also believes in providing incentives for not texting and driving, such as insurance discounts.

If this software is implemented, it would affect college students all over the state of Florida.

“If there is a way to avoid the professor’s software, it will be found and utilized,” said Vincenzo Giovinazzo, a senior majoring in Neuroscience. “A better approach would be to simplify the use of hands-free methods of texting and calling to the point where it is so convenient, it becomes easier than conventional texting or calling.”