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Top five Alex and Sierra Covers and the Reasons We Love Them

Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton, who were featured on The X-Factor, performed while the episode they were featured in aired on TV. Photo by Max Jackson.
Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton, who were featured on The X-Factor, performed while the episode they were featured in aired on TV. Photo by Max Jackson.

Week after week, Alex and Sierra, the dynamic duo who slayed the competition and won this season of X-Factor USA, took our breath away with their raw renditions of popular hit songs. The group set a reality show record for having the most songs in the iTunes Top 100 Songs chart at one time, topping the chart with an impressive six songs. Not only are they flawlessly talented, but half of the team walked the halls of Florida Atlantic University. South Florida natives? Check. Unmatched singing ability? Check. Sounds like the perfect team to us. Here is a list of Alex and Sierra’s most popular covers, according to their popularity ranking on iTunes. If you, like us, find the duo irresistible (which you will), you can download these songs and others for less than $2 on iTunes.

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5. “Best Song Ever” — One Direction

In what we think was one of the most strategically chosen songs of the season, Alex and Sierra cover a One Direction song on the very same night that the British boy band visited The X-Factor USA and performed their latest Billboard Hot 100 hit, “Story Of My Life.”

This crooning, love ballad version of “Best Song Ever” had legions of 1D fans setting social media outlets, like Twitter, ablaze with fan-girl pandamonium that would leave even the most successful artists grinning from ear to ear.

“This was your best song yet,” said Demi Lovato, pop sensation and X-Factor USA judge. We’re pretty sure every 1D fan agreed. Paired with a London-esque background and a moon-lit stage, the duo brought this 1D song to a whole new level of fan-girl feels.

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4. “Say My Name” — Destiny’s Child  

Former Destiny’s Child member and current X-Factor USA judge, Kelly Rowland, “was not ready for this” and neither were we. After hearing Alex and Sierra sing this song, all we could do was say their names. Taking on one of the judge’s songs has got to be intimidating; however, Alex and Sierra did not show any signs of fear with this cover.

Climbing all the way to no. 13 on iTunes, this song is yet another impressive feat the duo can add to their repertoire. Still currently enjoying success in the iTunes Top 100 Songs chart, this cover brings us back to the Beyonce booty-bouncing days. With talent like this, Alex and Sierra will not be forgotten — unlike former Destiny’s Child member, LeToya.

You just said “who?” didn’t you. Exactly.

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3. “Little Talks” — Of Monsters and Men  

Chosen by online voters, this song LITERALLY GAVE US LIFE. Ok, so maybe not literally. But, when it comes to how much we love this cover, it isn’t far from the truth  — it’s amazing! Leaving all the judges stunned, Alex and Sierra once again had us listening to every word they sang and falling in love with their love.

The talented duo not only blew the judges away, but audiences at home were left in awe as well. Just hours after their performance aired, “Little Talks” rocketed to no. 1 on iTunes. As Lovato said of the cover, “After that performance, I know we are looking at the winners”.

Needless to say, this cover carried Alex and Sierra safe to shore and into our hearts.

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2. “Say Something” — A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera  

For unplugged week, Alex and Sierra took their normal routine to new heights with Sierra’s unexpected skill — piano playing.

Covering Christina Aguilera can be a tricky thing: you either shine like her “Stripped” album or you fail horribly, getting left on the back burners of obscurity, like her “Bionic” album. Alex and Sierra rose to the occasion with grace and charm, making it clear to us that they are no ‘flop-tinas.’ It’s like  latin music sensation and X-Factor judge, Paulina Rubio, said, “you guys are edgy and you guys rock!”

Roaring into the top spot on the iTunes singles chart, this Alex and Sierra cover brought some truth and sense to this great big world. Witty puns aside, this cover is one of our favorites because when we hear this song it’s as if they are singing right into our souls. We get heart palpitations from start to finish. And the feels — the feels are almost too much to bear.

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1. “Gravity” — Sara Bareilles   

Following the success of “Say Something,” their rendition of “Gravity” made Alex and Sierra the first act on any music competition show this year to have two cover songs reach the top of the iTunes chart at one time.

Sara Bareilles’ original version already plucked at our heartstrings with every note, but this cover takes the song to a whole new level.  This heartfelt rendition had us falling willingly into their gravity as they serenaded us with their beautiful harmonies. The judges were also emotionally moved by the group’s cover. With a tear streaming down her cheek, Demi Lovato described the effort as “flawless” and we could not agree more. Even Simon Cowell, infamous hater and destroyer of dreams, was touched by the cover.

“I would like to bottle the last ten seconds of that song and just have it for the rest of my life because that was perfection,” Cowell said, following Alex and Sierra’s performance.

So do we Simon, so do we.

Wait, did we just agree with Simon Cowell? Yes! The power of Alex and Sierra is clearly limitless.  *tear*

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