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News Team, Reassemble!

anchorman2_posterFans of the unforgettable “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” rejoice. “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” hits theaters over winter break on Dec. 18. But you don’t have to wait that long for a taste of the action.

The University Press took part in a conference call on Nov. 1 with two stars from the new movie: Brian Fantana’s Paul Rudd and Brick Tamland’s Steve Carell.

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Q: What aspect of your characters do you love the most?

Carell: Boy, I love the innate intelligence of Brick. He’s sort of the counterintuitive quality of his character, I think, is what appeals to me.

Rudd: And as far as Brian goes, I think I like his musky sexualized idiocy.


Q: What is about “Anchorman” that made you want to revisit it?

R: Oh man. Well, this is Paul. For me, mainly it was like working with these guys again who I love. And, you know, it was such a blast doing the first one that I want – I would jump at the chance to come back and beat a dead horse.

C: I think we all felt exactly that same way. We all just wanted to do it for the sake of doing it, and I think we all would have done it in a vacuum. Even if there was no film and any camera, we would have come back and done it, because it’s so much fun.


Q: What advice you guys would give to college guys trying to pick up girls?

R: I would say to guys, college guys, drop the cologne. No one likes it. Use your – you know, your own natural…

C: Musk.

R: Your own natural musk which will bring the ladies in in busloads.

C: I would say you have to listen. You have to open your heart and open your

ear and you have to listen and appreciate the person that you’re with.

R: Yes, you’re right, Steve. It’s kind of all about communication.


Q: How difficult was it to get back into character for this movie?

R: At times, it didn’t seem difficult at all, like I feel we know these characters pretty well. But I would say throughout the shoot, there were – there were many moments where I thought, oh god, am I doing this right? Am I – I felt where I – I felt a little off track. But I couldn’t tell whether or not I was in my head and I actually did remember or I was commenting on what I had done the first time.

C: And the more lost I felt, the better that served me. The more out of sorts I felt, in general, the better I think that played into Brick.


Q: This question is for Paul Rudd. I’m wondering if we will see the return of the Sex Panther.

R: Well, I can’t – you know, I can’t really give it away. I don’t want to say anything whether it does or whether it doesn’t. I want people to have questions going into this.


Q: What do you think about portraying the seemingly very serious job of news anchors in such a silly way?

R: I feel pretty good about it. Sometimes I watch news anchors and I think they’re portraying themselves in a very silly way, much sillier than we could ever do.

C: I feel good too.

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