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FAU student puts on fashion show featuring her own designs

Students battled it out on stage with a dance battle at Live at Ivan. They danced for the prize of a scrabble ring with their initials on it. Photo by Paul Friel.

Outside, in the Innovation Village Apartments Courtyard, over 25 students watch as a guy and a girl strut down the runway.

The guy is wearing a denim jacket with torn up sleeves, a black v-neck, and camo-print pants. The girl walks beside him wearing a red, black, and brown tank top, a black and silver vest, brown pants, and boots. The two hosts smile at the audience and welcome them to Live at Ivan, a fashion show organized by Darajendayi Wilson, a sophomore business entrepreneurship major.

Live at Ivan took place on April 11 at 8:00 p.m. The show began at approximately 8:30 p.m. and ended at 10:45 p.m. The show’s purpose was to donate clothing to people in need.

Wilson not only put together the show, but had the show feature designs from her clothing line, Jendayi.

Wilson has been making clothes since she was twelve years old.

“I just told my mom I wanted to make clothes,” Wilson said. “And she got me a teacher when I was 12. And that was the only teacher I had for like a year and a half. It’s a lesson. I just know how to do stuff, I haven’t gone to school or anything besides those lessons.”

Wilson put together specific themed outfits for when the models walk down the runway — military/American pride, black and white, school outfits, and retro.

The military/American pride theme featured two models walking onstage carrying an American flag. The models wore camouflage print clothing, along with military style pants, vests, and hats. Models also wore red, white, and blue clothing. One model wore a denim vest, a red tank top, and blue and white striped shorts.

“We just thought of [the themes],” Wilson said. “Just like, something like, what most people could have. Army fatigue is a trend, so most people have something that’s with that print, or American flag, and black and white. We picked stuff that could easily be executed well.”

Brandon Cunningham, a freshman psychology major, had never been to a fashion show at the school before. He attended to take photos for Wilson. He said of all the themes in the show, the retro scene was his favorite.

At the beginning of the retro scene, one girl ran onto the runway and threw glitter toward the audience. Afterward, two models danced on the stage holding up signs that read “Turn Up.”

Models walked onto the runway dancing to the music. One guy wore a black and white 3/4 sleeve baseball tee and yellow pants. One girl walked on stage wearing a neon green long sleeve top paired with high-waisted, distressed denim shorts.

“You can tell it was planned carefully, and everyone was prepared,” Cunningham said.Wilson made some of the designs specifically for the show, while some of them came from her clothing line.

“There was a wedding dress up there and that was a time consuming thing because that was a real wedding dress at first,” Wilson said. “I had first made the bottom of it, and then made the top of it. But that took about three weeks in between working.”

Wilson made the wedding dress, which was modeled in the black and white scene, the summer before she attended college. She had three jobs at the time — full-time telemarketing, taking care of children at the YMCA, and babysitting during the week.

Between the scenes in the show, there were talent performances, singing and playing instruments, from students along with special giveaways to audience members.

One of the giveaways required volunteer audience members to dance on stage and have the audience clap for whoever they thought was the best dancer. The prize was a scrabble ring with their initials on it.

Of the talent performances, one band, JES 25 performed a cover of “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon.

JES 25 performed a cover of Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon at Live at Ivan. The members of the band, from left to right, are Stephen Rochet, Emily Harvey, and Jeremy Ward. Photo by Paul Friel

“All of the talent performances were great,” Cunningham said. “I give props to everybody that overcame the fear of stage fright because not most people would have done it. We have many talented people at this school, and I believe this event gave them the chance to be discovered.”

At one point in the show, members of the football team walked on the runway, and then proceeded out into the audience, handing roses out to ladies in the audience. After they were done handing out the roses, they all walked onstage and tossed their clothing donations into suitcases that sat in front of the runway.

At the end of the fashion show altogether, all of the models walked onstage and tossed their clothing donations into the suitcases as well.

“It went really well,” Wilson said. “I’m glad everyone came out that was supposed to participate.”

Over 70 garments of clothing were donated.

To check out Wilson’s clothing line, go to jendayidesign.com.

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