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Kendrick Lamar to perform at Freaker’s Ball 2013

While students hollered in laughter from Ron G’s comedy performance Monday, Feb. 11, the show’s announcer made his way onto the stage. Looking out into the crowd, he announced this year’s Freaker’s Ball would feature the rapper Kendrick Lamar.

Freaker’s Ball is a hip hop concert hosted by FAU for ages 16 and up.

Members of the audience jumped up out of their seats screaming, and dancers made their way onto the stage as DJ Thunder blasted songs of Lamar’s.

Lamar is recognized by many from his song — which is No. 8 on Billboard.com’s Hot 100 — “F****n Problems” with ASAP Rocky, 2 Chainz, and Drake. Another recognizable song is “Swimming Pools (Drank),” which is No. 25 on the Hot 100.

“I think everybody listens to Kendrick Lamar to some extent,” Rod Strickland, sophomore engineering major, said.

Strickland has been a fan of Lamar’s for approximately four years, claiming he knew him before anyone else.

Lamar released his first EP in 2009, Kendrick Lamar EP. His third solo project, Section.80, was released in 2011 leading to his first single, “HiiiPower.”

“His verses make sense and it’s kind of comical to listen to,” Robert Reina, senior history major, said.

Media Chair of Program Board Annie Blanc said to see who students want to see perform, her committee did surveys and listened to the “word of mouth.”

“I go through my committee and my e-board and find out what will be the general consensus of who would appeal to everyone and the whole campus,” Blanc said. “It was also offered through a particular booking agency and it was a great deal so we hopped on it.”

According to Program Board Director Lexi Rosario, although Program Board does not have a specific price of the concert yet, she projects it will cost approximately $90,000.

In 2011, the Freaker’s Ball featured Ludacris and the Homecoming Concert featured country musician James Otto. No Freaker’s Ball was held in 2012, and Pepper performed at the Homecoming concert.

Program Board Director Lexi Rosario said there was no Freaker’s Ball on campus last year due to the Homecoming concert, and a transitional period.

“Student Affairs did not want to have two concerts that they weren’t sure were going to be successful,” Rosario said. “So they wanted to do Homecoming concert and see how that goes before we do Freaker’s Ball and Homecoming.”

With the success of 2012’s Homecoming Concert, an almost full house, Freaker’s Ball has been reinstated.

“I’ve never seen Kendrick Lamar live,” Strickland said. “So yeah, I have to go.”

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