Students tweet and Facebook during FAU’s lockdown

Maddy Mesa

With nothing to do but wait to see if their lives were in danger when they were locked in their classroom for three hours, FAU students turned to Twitter and Facebook.

Some to ease boredom, other to keep updated on the latest developments.

Thursday Nov. 29, FAU went on lockdown when FAU sent out alerts that an armed intruder was in the Arts and Letters building on the Boca campus at 1:11 p.m.

Students were locked in classrooms, dorms, and other buildings.

Some checked their phones for updates from FAU’s alert system. Some tweeted or commented on the situation.

The most popular hashtag on Twitter to come out of this tense situation was #faushootersnapsbecause, making jokes about the armed intruder.

Here are some of best ones:

It was clear some FAU students weren’t fazed by the lockdown, while others more concerned about their safety used the social media to stay informed.

Nihil Obstat ‏@jmfabregas who tweeted:

Isis ‏@queen_reality used twitter to tweet her frustration at police response:

FAU’s Facebook page was also posting updates on the situation.

When the first alert went out on the page, many students wanted answers.

Elyssa Gerena commented: “There’s someone with a gun on campus.”

Others quickly followed, with Kenneth Morris writing: “is it the guy from the fau safety alerts all over campus?”

When the lockdown was lifted at 3:57 p.m., FAU’s Facebook page posted an update to which Sean Gillespie commented about the stress of taking exams and lack of information about the campus lockdown:

Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 5.03.37 PM

Fayez Kloub contributed reporting this story.