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Student Media Director Michael Gaede announces resignation

Michael Gaede. Photo courtesy of Media Relations.

The man who oversees FAU’s student media resigned today after less than a year on the job. The woman who held the job previously also resigned  — in January 2011 — with exactly one year on the job.

Student Media Director Michael Gaede announced his resignation today (as of June 18) in a meeting with student media leaders and Gaede’s boss, Associate Dean of Students Terry Mena.

And just like last time, Mena will serve as interim director. However, it’s not his only task at hand. He’s also been applying for other jobs. The UP reported in April that Mena is a finalist for the dean of students job at the University of Colorado and Iowa State University.

“I have found that I do not belong in the Adminisphere, it is a job for someone else who enjoys all of the jargonitis and paperwork,” Gaede’s letter to the room read.

Terry Mena. Photo courtesy of Media Relations.

When Mena was asked if there were any talks about a plan in place should he take another job, he said “not at all.”

Previous Student Media Director Marti Harvey resigned  exactly a year after she was hired. Like Harvey, Gaede departs without another job in place, citing health conditions as another reason for leaving.

“I came very close to saying no to Terry when he offered me the job last May due to some bad reviews on the weather and the situation here,” Gaede’s letter read. “My advisers from the North were right on the nose about the weather — I suffered and am suffering through many ailments brought on by extreme heat and humidity.”

Mena said as June 18 approaches he would make more appearances alongside Gaede to help the transition.

“I think my biggest role coming over,” Mena said, “is to supervise the staff and help and guide them and provide them the support they need to be successful.”

The position of student media director was created in June 2007. It took 29 months until Harvey was chosen, the first ever student media director at FAU, and it took six months to hire Gaede.

When Harvey resigned in January 2011, Mena also served as interim director. Mena said he had no timetable as to finding Gaede’s replacement yet.

“Knowing the market, where the market is, we have to move fast to be able to get someone in here,” he said. “If we can [fill the position] in the summer, that’s the ultimate goal, and then we’ll have a conversation [about] what that looks like if we can’t.”

Check out upressonline.com tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. for Editor-in-Chief Ryan Cortes’s column on the resignation, including an exclusive interview with Michael Gaede.

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    MikeJun 7, 2012 at 2:23 pm

    I was the managing editor of what was then called “The Atlantic Sun” at FAU in 1978-1979. Sounds like not much has changed.

    Make what you can of the time you have to educate yourself while at FAU and exit quickly into the real world.

    You’ll be better off for it because there are MANY opportunities to learn what you really need to know, grow, and profit in the content creation world.