FAU SG holds final 2011 focus group

Dylan Bouscher

Plenty of pizza and complaints went around at the last SG Focus Group meeting of 2011, where students gave their complaints about FAU. Boca House Speaker, Boris Bastidas, encouraged students to share their concerns, asking them: “What problems affect you most when you’re on campus?”

Here’s what students said:

Fix broken Owl Card machines: According to Bastidas, SG would first have to fix the coin machines in the laundry and dorm rooms. “We have the funding to fix or replace them, and coming back in January that’s what we’re going to do.”

Fix course registration server crashes: Bastidas said SG would wait to see if the servers crash again in the spring. “If they do, we’re going to introduce another resolution in the House to poll students about the technology fee. Basically we’re going to dare them to say ‘no’ again if it crashes again.”

When the House tried to poll students on the technology fee in August, SG President Ayden Maher vetoed the bill.

Jason Ball, Chief Information Officer of Information Resource Management, expects new servers to be installed by March.

Add more parking:  At the October Focus Group, Boca House Rep. Thais Arsolino said SG can’t increase parking at the last Focus Group meeting. At this focus group Bastidas said “Administration has been telling us that two new garages are coming. But that’s down the road.”

Remove parking fines: Bastidas mentioned the House would write legislation to address this in January. “It could be a resolution that would argue for a warning system that would say on your first violation, it’s just a warning.” Resolutions suggest something, but do not enforce it. Maher and Vice President of Student Affairs Charles Brown vetoed similar legislation back in August.

Enforce smoking ban: Currently there is a smoking ban on campus, but no way to punish students who smoke outside of designated smoking areas.  Maher said smoking ban enforcement was awaiting approval by University President Mary Jane Saunders’ executive committee. At the last Focus Group, Rep. Arsolino said that if the executive committee failed to do anything, SG could try to get fines or holds on smokers’ accounts. No updates were given at this focus group.

Enforce skateboard, longboard and bicycle ban on the Breezeway:

On what SG plans to do about these issues, Boris said, “those things are out of our jurisdiction, out of our budgetary means or things we feel admin should take care of.”

All of the complaints students voiced at the meeting have been brought up at past focus groups. You can read the full list of focus group complaints here.