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SG to give away ‘We are FAU’ shirts

Student government will be launching a new campaign aimed at promoting school pride. Named “Fowl OWL,” the campaign is in response to students wearing other college’s shirts on FAU campuses.

“We’re sick of student’s wearing other schools T-shirts on this campus,” said SG President Ayden Maher. “We really want to make people feel kind of embarrassed to wear another schools’ t-shirt on this campus.”

The campaign kicks off on Tuesday Oct. 4 at noon on the free speech lawn. Students will be able to trade in a “wearable” shirt of any other college and receive a brand new “We are FAU” T-shirt. According to Maher, the traded-in shirt has to be “wearable” and can’t have any holes in it, though he did mention it could be sleeveless.

Students on the Davie campus can swap their T-shirts in room SD221 in Davie and Fort Lauderdale students can do so in HEC 507. Students on the Jupiter campus can use the SR Atrium. All T-shirts will be given out on a first come, first serve basis.

“We want all students, especially those that might not feel connected to the university, to feel like they are part of the university,” said Maher.

There will be 300 T-shirts available on the Boca campus, along with 100 each  for the Treasure Coast, Davie and Jupiter FAU campuses. The T-shirts FAU receives from the swap will all be given to charity. The T-shirts that students will be receiving in exchange are charcoal grey with FAU’s mascot, “Owlsey,” painted in blue flying against a white background. The back of the shirt reads “We are FAU”.

“We want students to feel like this is a first choice school,” said SG vice president Robert Huffman. “Our goal is to grow school pride and have students be proud to say they go to FAU”.

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  • 2

    2006Oct 17, 2011 at 12:17 am

    I’m not personally asking for recognition, I’m simply pointing out that “Fowl OWL” is not “a new campaign” as described in the article. It is, in your words, a “revival of an old campaign”– started five years ago by Rick Smith–a true Owl fan if there ever was one. There is no mention anywhere in the article of the 2006 campaign. Indeed, even the description “a new campaign” leads readers to believe this is a new initiative to promote school pride. Even the name “Fowl Owl” is lifted directly from the 2006 campaign. I think its great Smith (or $mitty as he was more commonly known) is supportive of the project-and I think its a great way to support school pride–but we should place credit where it is due.

    PS: “FAU Student”–I never said any actual relative came up with the idea, read the article again after looking up the definition of “sardonic” and you might recognize the not-so-subtle facetiousness in the comment.

  • A

    AydenOct 4, 2011 at 1:34 am

    2006 are you talking about a similar effort started by Rick Smith? AKA Smitty? If you are please see below the email I received from him today regarding our new campaign (or revival of an old one)

    “Hey Ayden,

    I read in the UP online that you are doing a Fowl OWL campaign. Way to go! I’m glad to see something a tradition is making its way back.

    I did something like that in 2006 and it was a moderate success. But like most things, it takes a bit of time to get started.

    See you in a few days.

    Go Owls!


    Rick Smith

    External Business Manager

    UIW Athletics Department

    (210) 283-6448

    [email protected]

    Additionally 2006 we can’t give ideas back but we can give credit, except you choose to be anonymous. None the less we thank you for being active during your time at FAU.

  • D

    DaveOct 3, 2011 at 11:09 pm

    If a person is wearing a shirt from another school then they clearly care about that school. It’s not as if they’d LIKE to get an FAU shirt but can’t afford it so they’re stuck with UF shirts, so don’t expect many people to bite on this one.

  • 2

    2006Oct 3, 2011 at 10:52 pm

    Hi, SG. It’s 2006. You may not remember me- I’m from a different time when SG actually mattered. Anyway, I’d really like my idea back, or alternatively, at least some credit for the idea. My brother, 2007 and cousins, 2008 and 2009 also had an idea exactly like yours. I haven’t spoken to them in some time (some time, get it? It’s funny!) but I’m sure they would like a little shout-out as well.

    Gotta run– I’m off to party with 1999!


    • F

      FAU StudentOct 7, 2011 at 1:15 am

      alot of people came together and always thought about this. its not rocket science. its about actually implementing it and making it happen. did your friend or brother or whoever supposedly came up with this idea get off the chair and make it happen? NO..therefore no credit is deserved to you. and our Student Govt. MATTERS. since your an alumni how would you even know what goes on? considering the tremendous amount of work they do for the students.