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FAU to tow cars before home games and charge students for parking

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Gates to the stadium will open two hours before the 4 p.m. kick off on Oct. 15. Tailgating needs to stop once the game begins. Photo by Abhi Saini.

Students won’t have to worry about paying for home game tickets at the new football stadium, but parking is another story.

An announcement FAU sent on Oct. 2 warns students of parking fines, road closures and car towing when the Owls play at home. The first home game is Oct. 15.

Most parking lots, for instance, must be empty by 10 p.m. the night before game day. According to game day parking rules, cars parked in any lots after that time will be towed (check out the map and the towing info box for more).

Free spots for students are limited to faculty parking in front of Living Room Theaters.

According to Azita Dashtaki, Associate Vice President of Facilities, FAU estimates 10,000 to 11,000 cars on game day. With 92 free spots for students, most people must pay.

Students must pay $5 per car to park, according to an Oct. 7 FAU Athletics announcement.  That’s more than schools like UF, FIU and UCF  — their students park for free.

Student Body President Ayden Maher opposes the fee. “We just had an increase in student fees, and I firmly believe that students shouldn’t need to pay for parking.”

Students are allowed to park in the lots next to the Social Science building, across the street from the University Village Apartments.

In order to prevent students from avoiding the parking fee, Boca Raton Police will be patrolling off-campus parking lots like the University Commons, a  shopping plaza across from FAU on Glades.

FAU Deputy Police Chief Keith Totten said that since off-campus lots are private, Boca PD “will tow cars right out of there.”

Donors and season ticket holders will park in the closest lots. Single game day ticket holders will be charged $15 per car, and need to park near the Burrow and Oxley Center.

A parking fee isn’t the only difference between FAU and other universities. There won’t be shuttle service on game day. The walk from the student lots towards the stadium will “take about 10 minutes,” explained Dashtaki.

At UF, a shuttle takes students from dorms and parking lots to their stadium, while UCF’s shuttles operate for two hours after a game is over.

“The size of our campus doesn’t really call for a shuttle service. We’re not that big,” Dashtaki told the UP.

According to Totten, 120 campus and city cops, along with agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF),  will be on duty watching for underage drinking and other game day rule-breaking (look below for a list of official regulations).

Officers will be directing traffic due to campus road closures. The closures are meant to avoid traffic jams, according to Dashtaki. The FAU entrance through 20th Street will be closed off, and a portion of West University drive will be pedestrian-only (check out the map right).

FAU’s rules say that parking lots open 4 hours before kickoff and tailgating must stop once the game starts. At UF, gates open at 7 p.m. the night before a game and no one needs to leave until the noon after a game.

“It will help keep a clean campus with students being intoxicated for a shorter period of time,” Student Body President Ayden Maher said about FAU’s tailgating time window.

For more info on what you can and can’t do on game day, check out the campus map and information below.

Game day parking is split into three zones. Zone 1: Single game day ticket holders will enter from West University Drive. Zone 2: Students will enter from East University Drive. Zone 3: Season ticket holders will enter through Spanish River Blvd. Map courtesy of FAU Athletics.

Game day rules

Here are some game day rules you should know before showing up:

· Large group tailgating (Groups larger than 20 individuals) must contact the Department of Athletics for further information.

· Tailgating within lots must conclude at kickoff and is not permitted after the games.

· Tailgating for student organizations is restricted to the designated student tailgating area(s). Registration of each organization’s event is required.

· No solicitation, selling or marketing of any kind is allowed.

· No loud music or profanity.

· Personal tents/canopies must be 10′ x 10′ or smaller.

Check out www.fau.edu/parking/gameday.php for the full list.


According to FAU’s game day rules, tailgating must conclude at kick off and is not permitted after the games.

With parking lots opening four hours before the game, students don’t have much time to tailgate compared to UF. According to UF’s tailgating rules, lots open for tailgating at 7 p.m. the night before a game and don’t close until noon the day after a game. That’s 17 hours more than FAU permits.

Since the first game at the stadium starts at 4 p.m., students won’t be able to tailgate until noon. At UCF, students are free to start tailgating at 8 a.m. the morning of a game, regardless of kickoff time.

Tailgating rules and regulations were taken from each university’s site, respectively.


So, you got towed?

FAU’s Traffic and Parking department says they’ll tow cars from certain lots at 10 p.m. the night before a game. Here’s what you should know if you get towed.

The company, Emerald Towing, is the same company FAU uses year round.

According to Jeanise Barbe, Operations Manager at Emerald, it costs $156 for the pick up and $7 per mile after that. Luckily, they’re located less than 2 miles away, which will only cost you $14 more.

If you wait longer than 6 hours to pick up your car, you’ll be charged a $25 per day for each day your car sits there.

The registered owner of the vehicle needs to pick up the car in person. So, if your car is in someone else’s name, he or she needs to pick it up.

Call: 1-800-239-0604 to arrange pick-up.

Location: 980 NW 1st Ave., Boca Raton, 33432

To find out where you can’t park the night before a game, check out http://ow.ly/6SSEG

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  • J

    JamesOct 13, 2011 at 5:25 pm

    FAU’s thoughts: If they don’t charge students, everyone will ride with students and they won’t make any money. If people park at the University Commons, which FAU owns than they won’t make money either. The stadium costs money. They need money. They have to charge everyone.

  • M

    MichaelOct 13, 2011 at 12:01 pm

    Transportation Access Fee $76.90 per semester and we have to pay to park on our own campus?!?! That is if you aren’t lucky enough to get 1 of the 92 free student spots! Thats crazy and ridiculous!

  • T

    ToddOct 12, 2011 at 10:15 am

    Maybe we should start calling tow companies to come tow the Boca/FAU PD. Most towing companies require cash payment to pick up your vehicle. If officers had to pay $156 out of pocket to pick up their cruisers, they would think twice about calling the towtruck to come tow student cars. If it has a valid FAU parking sticker, LET IT BE! That’s why we pay for them in the first place.

  • D

    DaveOct 11, 2011 at 6:21 pm

    This is ridiculous. You only get four hours to tailgate AND they’re going to tow your car in off-campus lots? Way to kill the atmosphere. FAU is acting like a bunch of greedy, uptight amateurs.