FAU looks ahead to its first home game with the 4th annual bonfire


Nick Hahn

With the 4th annual FAU bonfire completed, say goodbye to the blob/mascot of Western Kentucky —  Big Red. This Saturday the Owls will get to celebrate its first ever game in the new on-campus stadium and to start off the weekend FAU celebrated with a bonfire.Within minutes of the event starting, the effigy of Big Red was burned to nothing. And within minutes of the burning, people fled. Free pizza, live music, and free “Beat Western Kentucky” shirts weren’t enough to keep the crowds. The thrill of the night was over and the students weren’t interested enough to stick around.

“People left so soon because once the mascot died, the thrill dissipated slowly,” said freshman Mourique Hunter. “Everyone felt a sense of completion.”

Once the big red blob of Western Kentucky was destroyed free “Beat” shirts were thrown out to all the students. No violence broke out in the throwing of the shirts, and the overwhelming amount of cops made sure of that. To ensure safety during the event, cops and security guards watched over the event, and even when the shirts were being tossed they made their presence known by making the shirt-hungry students back away from the SG officers throwing them out.

“There were too many cops,” said freshman Justin Wynn. “They were annoying.”

Reggae band Stampede then took the stage and performed an array of music, and even let a few students get on stage and freestyle.

“[Stampede] was pretty cool, but they did a lot of old music, which is cool, but not enough new stuff,” said Wynn.

Throughout the night free pizza was also being handed out to all the students in attendance.

The bonfire was originally scheduled at the start of the fall semester, but was delayed.

“I really liked the bonfire and how it brought the school together. It showed us freshman how to carry on the tradition,” said Hunter.