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That’s some ‘stash you got there



Some men are famous for music, movies or television. Some men are famous for modeling, writing or sports. Then there are the men who are famous for their virile mustaches. The fact that they became famous for what they actually do is irrelevant, because their mustache has become a cultural icon.

From thin rich-man fuzz to raging, hairy beasts, men everywhere have tried to pull off the mustache. But none do it better than the men on this list.

Due to the fact that there are so many famous men with a ‘stash, we couldn’t just narrow it down to 10. So, to pay respect to this world’s most famous manly man’s ‘stashes, here is the UP’s top 10 and runner up list


1. Mario

By far the most famous mustache known to mankind, he was first introduced to the world as Jump man. Oddly enough, the mustache was a cop-out by the designer. Creating a mouth area in 8-bit graphics was a difficult task, so the developers slapped a mustache on ol’ Jump man. Thus Mario was born. To this day, his mustache has become a staple not only to the video game industry, but the entire world.

2. Tom Selleck

If you don’t know Tom Selleck’s work, chances are you still know of his bushy mustache. It is considered the equivalent of martial arts icon Chuck Norris. If Norris and Selleck ever combined forces, God help us all. Selleck once shaved his mustache on an episode of TV show Friends. It was horrifying. These days you can catch Selleck on the CBS network show Blue Bloods, where he has revived his role as a cop and once again sports a fantastic mustache.

3. Charlie Chaplin

Yes, his mustache resembles a certain infamous, angry German dude’s, but Chaplin made the small lip hair famous first, and frankly was an overall more enjoyable person. His physical humor was unmatchable, and everyone knew who he was from his tiny lip fuzz.

4. Mike Ditka

One of the most intimidating people on the planet, Ditka was the former head coach of the beastly NFL football team da Bears. Not only is his name fun to say, but he is known for being quite the inspirational talker. Ditka is a man who sounds like he is yelling no matter what he’s saying. And when Ditka isn’t yelling at you, his mustache is.

5. The Swedish Chef

Hailing from the genius mind of Jim Henson, the Swedish Chef was another creation from the Muppets. He may not have been a man of words or a very good chef, but he had a damn good mustache. Not sure what qualified him as being Swedish, and we’re pretty sure his character was the result of some soft of racism, but he will always be known for his burly, red-haired ‘stash.

6. Gene Shalit

He is known for three things: his puns, his bowties and his crazy mustache. He has been a regular on NBC’s The Today Show since 1975, giving book and movie reviews. His constant puns can drive you up a wall, but you have to admire someone who can sport an oversized handlebar mustache for more than 40 years.

7. Groucho Marx

You know those fake glasses that have the big nose and furry mustache attached to them? Well, this is the man’s face they portray. Groucho Marx is known for his slapstick, over-the-top bad jokes, his jungle eyebrows, and his ridiculously thick mustache. It was obvious that the mustache was fake, but it was still iconic and has provided a Halloween costume for years.

8. Burt Reynolds

He sure has a way with the ladies, and with that mustache, he always has his way with the ladies. You may know Burt Reynolds from his famous role as Bo Darville in Smokey and the Bandit, where he smuggled Coors across state lines and did stunts with his car. All men wish they could duplicate. A true American hero.

9. Salvador Dali

Not only was Salvador Dali off his rocker, but he sported the thinnest mustache on the list. Dali was a Spanish surrealist painter best known for his painting The Persistence of Memory, also known as the weird painting with the melting clocks. Dali had the thin gentleman’s mustache of the early 20th century and later grew it out to an insane length.

10. Yosemite Sam

He may have more than just a mustache, but the ‘stash part of his beard is astounding. Yosemite Sam is the only man on the list to have a full beard. He’s short, furious, and, like every other Loony Tunes character, hates Bugs Bunny.



General Custer

Clark Gable

Lando Calrissian

Freddy Mercury

Dick Dastardly

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