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Get the “Lowe” down


It may be a New Year, but FAU has the same ol’ crime problem with theft being the number one crime on campus. To ensure students have a safe semester, Chief Lowe offered tips for campus safety:


“Most of the thieves are criminals for opportunity. They are looking for the easiest take and on our campus its people who leave things in their car that is openly visible and don’t secure the vehicle.” — Lowe

Don’t leave your purse or any other valuables in the car. It sounds obvious, but people still do it.

 “It’s amazing how many people will lay down valuables and walk away from them. We’ve had people go to the Rec center, put their stuff in the lockers and don’t put a lock on it.” —Lowe

Treat your valuables as if they were your children. If you like them, protect them.

Dorm safety

“We know people tailgate into the resident halls and go looking for those open doors. This comes to a shock to students, but a lot of times it’s their classmates that are stealing from them.” —Lowe

Rule of thumb: If you don’t know the person, don’t let them in.

“You can name any resident hall on campus, pick any floor in that resident hall and I can find an unsecure room with no one in it. I promise you.” —Lowe

You’re not living at home anymore. Your neighbor might not have the same return policy as your little brother who takes your video games without asking. If you like your stuff lock your door.

Bike theft

 “Most all the bikes that are taken are not locked up and a lot of times we end up recovering the bikes at some other point on the campus. Someone would pick it up and borrow it for whatever amount of time they want to use it and then leave it.” —Lowe

Would you leave your car keys in the ignition ready for whoever needs a ride? Nope. Lock your bike, and you’ll keep your ride.

Identity theft

“Most of the problems we run into [with identity theft] have been related to debit and credit cards. Identity theft is an international problem and it’s growing all the time and social media doesn’t help at all.” —Lowe  

Identity theft on campus usually correlates with other theft. If you don’t want  to give someone a shopping spree on your tab, secure your wallet at all times.

Personal safety

“We are all in a hurry and we will take the straightest line to get anywhere, but that is not always the safest way to go. Stay in the areas that are designated pedestrian walkways that are lit.” —Lowe

Be aware of your surroundings and know what’s going on around you. Look for walkways that are well lit … not the man-made patches in the grass.

Other services

Lost and Found

Students can find a property list on www.fau.edu/police. Items are held for 30 days before being auctioned off.

Free bike registration

Students can register bikes at the university police station and get a non-removable decal. If the bike gets stolen, campus police can identify the owner.

Operation Bookmark

To help lessen textbook theft, students can have the inside of their book stamped with an information block that identifies the owner. FAU police will be notified if someone other than the owner of the book tries to sell it.

Blue phones

There are 66 blue phones on campus that students can use to get in direct contact with the police. Response time is usually three minutes max.

Rape Aggression Defense

A three day course for women which teaches them self defense tactics and techniques. For more information call Harriet Pioquinto or register at www.fau.edu/police.  Cost is $10 for students (refunded if student attends all three days) Dates: Jan. 13, Jan. 20 and Jan. 27

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