Modern warriors speak at FAU


In Lebanon, Inon, an Israeli soldier, heard cries for help while on patrol. He and his squad-mates rushed to find a wounded woman wired to an explosive device. He will be coming to the Boca campus to share his experiences.

On Oct. 14, Lior and Inon, Israeli Defense Force soldiers, will talk about their time serving in the Israeli military and take questions from students. This event is put on by StandWithUs, a nonprofit Israeli education organization.

Hillel, a national organization that caters to Jewish student life, has sponsored the event in an attempt to provide an alternate view of current global events.

“We’re trying the keep politics out of it, we’re trying to go for their experiences as soldiers,” said Brittany Faracchio, a junior Jewish studies major. Brittany is also the president of Students for Israel at FAU. “A lot of technology we use in America comes from Israel … if something were to happen to Israel we’d be a lost country,” Faracchio said, refering to America’s reliance on Israel’s technology, communications, and biological research and products.

“The importance of bringing these particular soldiers is that what you hear on the news … you never hear the real story,” said Brandey Edelson, director of Jewish life at Hillel. The soldiers will provide firsthand accounts of modern war and another perspective on the Israeli military.

The soldiers’ visit will be an objective view on recent events designed “to give [students] our own hand of the story,” said Inon.

Israel is a nation that has experienced violence from many terrorist and government organizations. The event at FAU will provide first-hand accounts from individuals who grew up in Israel and served in its military.

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If you want to go

What: IDF Soldiers at FAU

Where: The Levine-Weinberger Jewish Life Center

When: Oct. 14, 6:30 p.m.

How Much: free