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Historical fun

On the third floor of the Wimberly Library, a set of secured glass double doors leads into the Jaffe Center for Book Arts. Before entering the doors, you must ring a doorbell located outside the center to get admittance to see some of the ancient printing presses and books created as works of art.

The Jaffe Center offers numerous workshops and events, including printing and binding workshops, concerts, two film series and the continuous exhibits on display.

John Cutrone, program coordinator for the center, thinks the Jaffe Center is more than musty old books
“It’s not just a library or a gallery; it’s also a movie theater and a concert hall,” said Cutrone.

The  center’s programs are donation-only and present opportunities for free entertainment.

Nico Diperna, a sophomore majoring in criminal justice, stated that he considers the nonexistent price tags to be beneficial to the empty bank accounts of many college students.

One of the hit workshops featured at the Jaffe Center is the printing  press/book binding workshop. Participants in this workshop experience a variety of printing processes from the era of the original printing press. First, participants use about five different printing presses dating back to the 1890s through the 1980s.  Once completed, the group moves along to the back workstation where they are taught to bind their own books, which they can bring home after the workshop is completed.

The book binding workshop is one of the few programs offered at the Jaffe Center that will cost students. To cover the costs of supplies and the labor involved, students pay a price of around $90 to participate.

Garrett Astler was unaware of the workshops offered at the Jaffe Center.

 “[I] always walk by that place, but never knew they actually had things that students can do there. It’s really cool, but definitely underadvertised,” said Astler, a senior communication major.

Besides their workshops, the Jaffe Center also has concerts. Many musicians stop by South Florida and offer intimate concerts in the main display room for a fee ranging from $20 to $40. Concerts are held a few times per year, and the display room can hold approximately 50 people.

Once per month, a movie night is held in the main display room open to students and the general public. These movie nights are free; however, donations are greatly appreciated, as they are the sole income for the center. Advertisements for the next movie being shown can be found all over campus.

On Nov. 4 through 5, Jane Siberry in Beauty Train and Boy Collect Birds will be shown at the Jaffe Center as a concert film screening at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. on both days.

The next workshop will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 27, and John Cutrone encourages students to check out the Jaffe Center to find a workshop that interests them.

For more information on the Jaffe Center and to sign up for a workshop, go to: www.library.fau.edu/depts/spc/jaffe.htm

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