Step yo game up (guys)

Being in college has taught me how to handle the ladies differently. I’ve made plenty of mistakes, but more importantly learned from them. Here are some tips to make sure mistakes like mine don’t happen to you.

1. One summer night at club Scoop, I was at the bar and noticed a beautiful girl dancing.  I approached her and said, “Would you like to dance with me?” Unfortunately, I lost my voice, and all she heard was “Dance with me!” After smirking at my accidental command, she pushed her friend in front of me and said, “Here, dance with her; she’s drunk.”

2. If there’s a group of girls, think of them as a pack of wolves: They travel together and will save one another if a guy tries to make a move. First try and talk to the girl you like first to find a comfort level that could lead to a dance. If all else fails, just go to the club with girls you already know so you know you won’t get turned down.

3. I was at my friend’s apartment to watch a movie, and we invited two girls to accompany us. We were just hanging out and having a good time, but by the end of the night I exchanged numbers with the girl I was closer to and she “accidentally” gave me the number of her friend, whom we were also hanging out with. The next day I texted the number thinking it was the girl I liked, and her friend flipped out. She thought my friend gave me her number because he didn’t want it. Unfortunately, we never saw them again.

4. Always be yourself. Women can read body language; confidence is key. My wits helped me put my house guests at ease, and it will do the same for you. Girls like guys who are down-to-earth, real and are not afraid to be embarrassed. Just have fun, be yourself and don’t be afraid to take a chance.