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Best Week Ever comedian visits FAU’s Jupiter campus

Students at FAU’s John D. MacArthur Campus can expect to learn many things during their stay at the Honors College, but the Aug. 27 lesson plan wasn’t what you would call typical.

The topics included the difference between ninjas and burglars, the most comfortable position to stand, and creative ways to pee in swimming pools. That’s what had students rolling on the floor with laughter at last Thursday’s Weeks of Welcome comedy act. The man behind this hilarious routine was New York-area comedian Pete Holmes of Best Week Ever fame, who regaled his audience with a one-of-a-kind standup routine that skillfully blended observational humor with audience participation, leaving every student in the auditorium begging for more.

Holmes, who was featured on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, first began doing comedy as a child. Since then, his work has been featured in The New Yorker and on www.collegehumor.com. His unique style of humor relies a lot on his improvisational background. Indeed, half of the show’s humor seemed to stem from Holmes’ interactions with the audience. From a young man in the third row who shall forever be known as “Pimp,” to the incredibly enthusiastic back row, Holmes described the crowd at Jupiter as one of the best he’s ever had.

Holmes’s interactive comedy was a refreshing change from the pre-packaged lists of jokes one might find in larger shows. Rather, it was a dynamic experience, tailor-made for the FAU audience.

“It was definitely a lot more situational than conventional humor,” says Brenda Sandhouse, a senior environmental studies major. “He definitely incorporated the spirit of the Honors College into his act.”

According to Holmes, the secret to his comedy is really quite simple.

“Everybody has funny ideas. A comedian trains himself to write them down.”

He cites a story about a long drive in the North/South Dakota area, where he would sing along to the radio while imitating the voice of Ice Age star Ray Romano. Whenever he found a song that he found particularly funny, he would jot it down. This list of songs eventually became “Romano Sings,” a sketch in which an enthusiastic Holmes croons hits like Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” and Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up.”

“His comedy style is widely ranged, it appeals to multiple senses of humor, and it’s basically just really freaking hilarious,” says Vallery Flint, a senior interdisciplinary math major.

When asked what advice he had for those who wished to get into comedy, Holmes gave some helpful tips.

“The most difficult part of comedy is getting the nerve to go on stage. You’ve just got to do it and not be afraid. Go find Open Mic nights, and if they don’t have them – or even if they do – just go out to The Burrow and do it. Make once a week standup night.”

Of course, the secret to any comedian’s success lies in his relationship with his audience, and Holmes was getting a lot of love from the Honors College crowd.

Holmes is currently working with fellow comedians Oren Brimer and Matt McCarthy as the production team for Front Page Films. He’s also currently producing a series of Batman-themed videos for www.collegehumor.com. More information on Pete Holmes, including his contact information, videos and tour schedules, can be found at his Web site.

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