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Bell Tower Falls is loud & getting louder

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Five guys and one girl in a dorm jam-packed with musical instruments was a common theme three times a week for FAU’s local band Bell Tower Falls. After a few tight jam sessions and impossibly trying to keep their loud music down, the band was eventually able to record in a professional studio at FAU. It wasn’t much longer till they gained popularity from the FAU community and surrounding cities.

Bell Tower Falls started out in 2006 after the guitarist and the drummer of the band met at FAU as freshmen. “One day I noticed this kid with long hair and a guitar walking around, and I guess he noticed me wearing a Red Chord band shirt,” explains drummer Seth Bailen on how he met guitarist John Kierman.
“We started talking about music, and as time went on I would randomly start to see him more and more around campus. We discovered we both had a passion for music, so we started playing together and recording some sounds. We’re both in the music program and we were constantly meeting others who played music. That’s basically how the rest of our band came along.”

The band now comprises vocalist Emmanuel Costa, guitarist John Kierman, guitarist Steve Rodriguez, keyboardist Sonia Galarraga, bassist Joe Martinez and drummer Seth Bailen. Kierman, Rodriguez, Galarraga and Bailen are all music majors, while Costa is a mechanical engineering major and Martinez is pre-med.

The sound of Bell Tower Falls is described as a broad mix of punk and heavy metal music with chaotic guitar strumming and heavy emphasis on vocals. They claim to be largely influenced by the band Protest the Hero, but take consideration of many music styles.

The band first started recording their music in a dorm room, using rookie equipment and very limited space.
“We had noise restrictions and always had to try and keep it down,” says Galarraga about practicing in Heritage Park Towers. “We would occasionally get knocks on the door to lower the noise. It was a tight squeeze in there and tough to move the equipment to and from the parking lots when going to shows.”

But thanks to Matt Baltrucki, a recent commercial music graduate, the band was able to have access to FAU’s professional music studio. As a senior project, Baltrucki recorded a three-song EP for Bell Tower Falls. This allowed the band to get out of the dorm and into a studio to record their music.
“I would say balancing school and the band is tough,” says vocalist Costa. “We practice two to three times a week, make music, learn music — but also have to remember what we learn in class, and then dedicate all of our free time for shows. But we’re in this for the long haul — it’s definitely a passion.”

Bell Tower Falls’ first show was at Revolution in Fort Lauderdale for a Battle of the Bands, and since then they have performed in numerous venues, including Backbone Music in Delray Beach, Solid Sound Studios in Pompano Beach, The Dugout in Miami and The Dungeon in Orlando.
“Any exposure is good exposure,” says Costa about playing in all types of music venues. “We always make sure to talk to people who attend our shows to receive constant feedback.”

If you want to check out the sounds to Bell Tower Falls, go on their Myspace page at

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