New Safety Measures Have Students Rushing to Class

As the spring semester begins, new safety procedures have residents reluctantly changing their paths to class after the Department of Housing locked all dorm side entrances to prevent non-residents from entering the dorms. This decision resulted from meetings held between the University Police, Student Affairs, the Department of Housing and the Resident Student Association in an attempt to make the on-campus housing
more secure.

“Throughout the year, the department reviews policies and procedures and makes adjustments where necessary,” says Director of Housing Jill Eckardt. “As we made the change to the lobby doors being locked 24 hours a day this past fall, it is only logical that we continue to review all door policies.”

    Residents were sent an e-mail in late December informing them that the security change that began over winter break would continue during the spring semester.
“I did try to exit out of one of the side entrances without knowing [that they are locked] this semester; then I saw that we weren’t allowed to [use them] anymore,” says freshman communications major Kayla Stirzel, who lives in Indian River Towers. “I think it’s dumb that we’re not allowed to go in and out of the doors anymore. It’s so much easier when you’re in a rush.”

With the side doors now unusable, residents must enter and exit through the main entrances. In some cases residents must walk around the entire building to get to their dorm room or even to class on time.

    “The new safety procedures are more of a problem than a help,” explains freshman Walter Griffeth, an undecided major who lives in Heritage Park Towers (HPT). “It throws off my routes to get to class on time now.”

Even though the Department of Housing has increased the door security, some residents believe non-residents will still be able to gain access to
the dorms.
“I don’t feel any safer with this new policy,” says freshman Boudieny Titus, a commercial music major who resides in HPT. “People who don’t live here still get in.”

Housing is also trying to make residents more aware of carrying their own key cards when entering the building and not allowing non-residents to enter.